1. MSeVag's Avatar
    I'm trying to get a classic in Dubai - UAE and I can't find stocks, how is this possible
    I mean if BlackBerry wants sales at least they need to have stocks right?

    From BlackBerry with Love
    09-29-15 07:51 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    It's the same old thing everywhere!
    09-29-15 07:56 AM
  3. joewoo's Avatar
    They probably feel as if the market isn't strong there
    09-29-15 09:35 AM
  4. Me2's Avatar
    Have you tried the store at the airport?

    Posted via CB10
    09-29-15 09:51 AM
  5. MSeVag's Avatar
    No I haven't tried the airport, usually axiom and jumbo electronics have available units but looks so not anymore

    From BlackBerry with Love
    09-29-15 10:41 AM
  6. azum4u's Avatar
    No I haven't tried the airport, usually axiom and jumbo electronics have available units but looks so not anymore

    From BlackBerry with Love
    But there is a Blackberry store at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. Have you tried there?
    09-29-15 10:58 AM
  7. MSeVag's Avatar
    Let me check there coz I asked IT to get one for me and they said they didn't find it

    From BlackBerry with Love
    09-29-15 11:10 AM
  8. SK122387's Avatar
    I was just at the Dubai Mall last week and there were tons of Classics and Passports on display. It's on the second floor in the Electronics section of the mall.

    They even had soft shell cases for it, I got a white and a blue.

    Posted via CB10
    09-30-15 12:42 AM
  9. MSeVag's Avatar
    My people are telling me that there are no classic stocks in Dubai Mall

    From BlackBerry with Love
    09-30-15 03:33 AM
  10. abdulla saif's Avatar
    You are write, I asked blackberry store in dubai mall I they said the classic is not available, but the told me that the blue classic will be available this week

    Posted via CB10
    10-02-15 05:51 PM
  11. MSeVag's Avatar
    Well they said that only white and black will be available and not blue
    But even axiom and jumbo don't have
    But it's also out of stock on shopblackberry
    Looks like a world wide shortage lol

    From BlackBerry with Love
    10-03-15 03:14 AM
  12. 7onZ's Avatar
    Phew. I guess Classic won't be an option for me. You should check the PP SE. It looks very sleek,
    10-03-15 11:27 AM
  13. MSeVag's Avatar
    I already have a BlackBerry Passport SE bought it when first released
    Had a classic back then and sold it
    But now looking for a second BlackBerry, loved the blue color

    From BlackBerry with Love
    7onZ likes this.
    10-03-15 12:21 PM
  14. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    So, you had a Classic, but sold it? Now you can't find a Classic? Why do people do these things? Should just keep what you buy.

    Posted via CB10
    10-06-15 02:52 AM
  15. arnavrs's Avatar
    BlackBerry Stores in Dubai are just rebranded branches of Axiom. They have the same inventory.
    You might want to try the local retailers in Bur Dubai, who can give you a sealed piece with local warranty.

    Posted via CB10
    10-06-15 03:26 AM

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