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    I am so frustrated. I bought a new white BlackBerry Classic on eBay. It came sealed. So beautiful. First thing I did was to allow it to update. So I am not sure if it's hardware or software (OS I have do everything I could find.

    1 - I powered down using the volume keys a million times.
    2 - I did a security wipe.
    3 - Reloaded the OS via BlackBerry link.
    4 - I let the battery die completely.
    5 - I bricked the phone using the wrong autoloader (was trying to downgrade using one for Z30).
    6 - Ran diagnostic tests in BBVE and rebooted.
    7 - Used Sachesi to "upgrade" the OS to

    I am at my witts end. It has to be hardware right? If it's hardware, correct me if I am wrong I think the sensors are on the middle frame. Anybody have a good repair place I can send to? I tried CPR and they messed up one of my BlackBerries.

    02-24-16 11:58 AM

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