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    No doubt the Classic handset is much needed and the phone BB delivered is a nice start but there are issues. The current Classic has 4 "flat" sides, essentially making it a rectangle with rounded corners. This is a bigger departure from the "Bold" or even the Q10 editions. The Q10 rightfully got criticized for some things but 1 thing it DID get right, was the curved shape (top & bottom) of previous BB handsets. This curved shape feels more natural & comfortable in the palm of your hand (not to mention that it has a more "classic" look and feel ). The hardware is also underwelming, causing some apps (both native BB & Android) to freeze & lag at times. This is a problem the "Passport" does not have, for obvious reasons.

    Here’s my BB "Classic2" proposal:

    1) Keep the screen size and the width of the phone exactly the same.
    2) Move the screen up 1cm to completely cover the Blackberry logo at the top, leaving the location of the speaker & camera unchanged.
    3) Use the identical hardware specs from the Z30 as the foundation. This will not only eliminate the power deficiency issues but will improve the PPI to between 320 & 340 given the reduced surface area of 3.5 inches as opposed to 5 inches.
    4) Make the Track-pad 30% larger & lighted, just like the old BB handsets.
    5) Make the top & bottom of the phone curved just like the "Bold9900" & the Q10.
    6) The current Classic is a bit long at 5.16" I'd reduce it to 5.09" - 5.10"
    7) Make the phone as thick as the Bold 9900 (10.5mm) to accommodate a removable battery.
    8) Place the BlackBerry logo under the keyboard since everything got moved up 1cm.
    9) Lastly, how can we truly call a BlackBerry "Classic" without re-introducing the curved keyboards from the Bold 9900 and the Curve series? (This also nicely accommodates the 30% larger track-pad).

    Sound off, let me know what you think.
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    All it needs is faster proc and a camera that works. I'll pre order it too

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    Please continue in your original thread:
    12-25-14 08:11 PM

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