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    The new message light - one of the reasons I've stayed with BB - has suddenly started acting up. Normally, once I've been to the hub and closed the hub the light goes out. But lately my main email (a few items down in the Hub list) will get a new email and that light will continue to blink even after I've checked the email, let alone simply visiting the hub (which used to do the trick). I have to figure out which email is the "new" one that caused the light to initiate and then delete that email to get the light to turn off. Powering down the phone will also do it.
    Even if I go to that account within the hub category listings, the light continues.

    06-26-16 11:48 PM
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    In what I would imagine is a related issue, if I haven't checked my phone in a while (say 30 minutes) that new message light must get tired. Even though I've not checked the hub, it will often go out, giving me the impression that there are no new messages. To be fair, I have used ever color available and assigned many contacts their own alert. And if two or more of these contacts send messages or call I get their colors blinking in order of their arrival. Until of course I've waited too long to check the phone. But still, shouldn't the light remain blinking until I check the hub ?
    06-27-16 12:03 AM
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    If i'm already using the phone when a new message comes in, opening the hub SHOULD turn the indicator light off. ( 'peeking' with the upsidedown L gesture into the hub should also shut off the light)

    If this doesn't work for you, i'd be curious to know if you've recently installed any new applications. I've installed some in the past that made my LED blink green while on the phone, and vibrate as i'm answering calls.

    Also, if you wish to find that new email quickly, you can press the letter U in the hub to see your first unread message. Keep hitting U until you find what you want.
    OR inside the hub you can pinch-to-zoom and that will filter your messages to show unread only. If you wish to change what happens when you pinch the hub, go to hub -> settings -> display and actions. Then click on 'pinch filter criteria' and select what you want to see when you pinch the hub.

    Edit: as for the 30min timeout for the light, i'll have to experiment with that.
    If i've been away from the phone for a while, i'll mash a few of the number keys. This wakes the screen and shows me my interactive lockscreen. Then I can quickly see how many emails or texts i've missed.
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    06-27-16 12:36 AM
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    It does seem to tie into the little red indicator on the envelope on the main screen - if the main LED indicator light is still lit the little red dot on the envelope is still there - even after visiting the hub.
    The U does work as advertised, but my pinch does not, probably due to the font size I have chosen for my older eyes. (I do have it set to pinch to unread messages)
    I don't use a lock screen - if I hit the power button I get the main screen with no swipe or password entry. There's something about my fingers and this touch screen (the Q10 too); I have to swipe numerous times before I get a result. It's the main reason I switched to the classic - I just couldn't answer or hang up the darn phone with a swipe. God bless the hard buttons.
    It used to be that you could tell a blackberry user because they would push a button to hang up and put the phone in their pocket, while everyone around them would swipe a few times and check the phone over and over again to make sure they had indeed hung up - and then Q10 appeared and we were no better than those i-diots.

    No applications that I didn't have on my Q10 and only two third party ones at that - pretty new phone. Also I didn't transfer anything from the old phone as it was exhibiting very odd behavior itself (hardware we think) but I didn't want to risk a contamination somewhere in the files. The old phone would allow my ear to hang up on people and dial while on a call. And wouldn't come back to life when I took my head away from it (I know I know, it's starting to sound like my personal electrical field is the issue)
    06-27-16 01:01 AM

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