1. DMDAlex's Avatar
    Hi everyone,
    I bought a week ago my BB Classic (Rogers,Canada) but haven't been able to open BBM yet. The screen stays black with a shodow "Blackbeery 10". Does anyone have an issue?
    02-11-15 08:04 PM
  2. Alain_A's Avatar
    nope...have you tried hard reset?

    or go back to rogers with it...
    02-11-15 08:10 PM
  3. VeryBumpy's Avatar
    Try doing an update of BBM.
    02-11-15 08:17 PM
  4. Alain_A's Avatar
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^that too
    02-11-15 08:21 PM
  5. DMDAlex's Avatar
    I already have V10.6.5.10
    Device problem?
    Its my 4th BB and havent had that problem before!!!
    02-11-15 08:29 PM
  6. Gus's Avatar
    Do a hard reset like alain says. Volume up and down for till the BlackBerry 10 logo appears

    Posted via CB10
    02-11-15 08:48 PM

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