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    I bought another brand new Blackberry Classic back in November 2016, about a week after they stopped selling that model on their website. But still selling that model through retailers off their site and selling that Blackberry operating system right now as their new fan dangled OS. Not being able to back up my 2 year old Classic, I thought it had a problem. Then recently, a couple weeks ago, realized something else was going on. So I tried to load my still brand new unused Blackberry Classic with my prior saved data and phone back on file, it didn't work either... With the current updated new Blackberry OS version on a brand new Blackberry phone you can not do as advertised, You can not send any contact data, music data, Picture data, videos, or phone data of any sort through a data cable, bluetooth or Wifi. They now all of a sudden expect me to use an SD card for one time use (like before they even started making this type equipment lol) to transfer data to and from my brand new Blackberry phone. So Blend does not work! Link does not work! Neither does their hardware properly! None works as advertised. They are committing wire fraud, fraud, and conspiring to defraud their customers in the future. It is time to file a class action lawsuit and take them down. Also ask FBI and RCMP to investigate these fake, fraud artists. They can’t do or supply what they are selling basically, so they are finished as a company or definitely should be.

    Blackberry answer to my problem:

    This is J___ from BlackBerry Technical Support, I do apologize for the inconvenience regarding with inability to backup your device or even restoring your previous backup of your device. The issue of inability to perform a backup and restore using BlackBerry link is already been escalated to our internal team and currently under investigation and as of the moment we are still waiting for Internal team's update regarding with this matter, So currently BlackBerry 10.3.3 OS is still under investigation.

    Since we don't have any information about the date of the update to be released, I do have an alternative way of performing data migration using Device Switch App. Below is the instructions on how to perform Device Switch.

    Valid BlackBerry ID that allows access to BlackBerry World
    Un-encrypted MicroSD card
    **Note before proceeding with the steps below ensure that Media Card Encryption is disabled**

    .Go to Settings
    .Security and Privacy
    .Ensure that Media Card Encryption is toggled in the off postion

    *Steps for backup to Media Card

    1.Download and install the Device Switch app from BlackBerry World
    2.Upon opening the Device Switch Application select Next
    3.The following screen provides a number of device types. Ignore those and have the user click on the blue text Transfer via Media Card
    4.Select Back Up to Media Card

    -If an existing backup exists the user will be warned. Only one backup may be present on a given SD Card. There is no way to manage these backups. This is a one backup only option. Please make no effort to workaround this design
    -If you select Yes the previous backup file will be overwritten

    The following screen displays a list of items that are backed up. See below for more details.
    Data that is saved locally on your BlackBerry 10 device can be transferred. Data that is synced with a web-based account isn't transferred. The following types of data can be transferred when you use the Device Switch app:

    .Contacts info
    .Calendar info
    .Text messages (SMS)
    .Videos (non-DRM)
    .Music (non-DRM)
    .Notes and Tasks from BlackBerry Remember (transferred tasks and notes appear in the Unfiled folder in the Remember app on your new device)

    ​​** The following data is not backed up to the SD Card

    .Email and social networking accounts (You can add your accounts to your new device.)
    .Applications that you downloaded from the BlackBerry World storefront or from the Amazon Appstore (You can reinstall these apps after you switch devices.)
    .Text messages (MMS)
    .Data, such as organizer data, that is wirelessly backed up or synced with a web-based email account (To transfer data associated with a web-based email account, add the account to your new device.)
    .Videos (DRM)
    .Music (DRM)
    .Password Keeper data

    If you need further assistance on performing device switch to your device, kindly reply to this email for your best callback date and time.

    Warm regards,
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    Very sorry about your issue. It's unfortunate you didn't join for help, before purchasing another Classic. The problem is well known, and the solution offered is valid. There are other programs that may be successful, specifically Sanchesi and Darcy's Tool.
    03-25-17 06:36 AM

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