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    I was wondering if anyone can recommend a case for the Classic. I am missing the non-skid glassweave backing of the Q10/Z30. The back of the Classic feels nice, but I wish it were more grippy. I don't normally care for cases on my BB's, but I got used to that glassweave, and wish that the Classic wouldn't be so prone to slide on a table or in my hand when I'm doing the swipe-the-trackpad move.

    Does anyone have a soft, THIN, rubbery, very grippy case that they are satisfied with?

    From a Classic
    03-11-15 07:35 PM
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    I've mentioned it a few times on here, but the Body Glove Satin "gel" case. Only place I've seen it is through AT&T stores/website.

    It's a little thicker than one of the standard TPU cases but it has a nice matte textured finish.


    The Amzer Pudding TPU case is alright too if you're looking for something cheaper.

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    03-11-15 08:17 PM
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    BlackBerry genuine soft shell has lot of good reviews. The translucent blue is pretty nice and unique IMO.

    I had the Amzer TPU pudding case and it's really nice and grippy but is a lint magnet in the pocket. I hate to clean it every time I take it out of my pocket. Moreover I am not a fan of TPUS as I feel they scratch the surface of the phone as the dust particles stick to them rather easily. They also look plasticky and cheap (specially the glossy ones)

    Just received the Nillkin frosted shield for Classic and it looks and feels great. The back has similar pattern like the back of the classic. But it is slippery and that's the deal breaker for me.

    I use the official leather pocket and would recommend it cos classic feels great both in and out of it!

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    03-11-15 09:38 PM

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