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    On the Classic till last week I had some Android apps running (F-droid, World Weather, road radar, G-maps, Jumpgo). All working great on both cellular and wifi. I'm not using any Cobalt fixes.

    Then I removed the sim card and ran only on wifi for a week. During that week Outlook for Android got installed.

    This morning I put in a new sim. Only to find out that F-droid , G-maps and the weather app when on cellular can not connect to the internet. Road radar and Jumpgo work. The strangest behaviour is displayed by Outlook. It works as long as the Window is active. Once minimised connection is lost.

    Maybe World Weather acts even stranger. It can update the weather for the cities already chosen. However when attempting to add another city it refuses to do so as it can't connect to the internet?!?

    After putting in the the new sim and now also after doing a hard reset I get some horizontal status bar in action the first time an Android app is opened.

    What is expected to cause this all new behaviour. Outlook? Or the new sim?

    Curious if any of you had similar issues before and how you solved it.

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    Hmm. Coincidence maybe, but I have recently experienced this when on roaming. Probably not surprising given our 'abandonware' status. I am beginning to doubt that I will see out 2017 on BB10, much to my chagrin...

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    08-04-17 03:38 PM
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    Thanks. Actually roaming now, however when I first noticed the issue I was not roaming.

    On thong still to mention. After putting in the new sim, I logged into wechat with another phone number than before.

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    08-04-17 04:10 PM
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    Un install Outlook and the other not working Android apps. Hard reset. Install all again and everything works.

    Already during Windows 3.1 I gave up on trying to understand logic behind these kind of events. Just happy everything works again.

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    08-19-17 11:24 AM

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