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    Where do I start? Well, I should start by saying that I am not new to BlackBerry as I started way back with the BlackBerry Pearl and then went on to Bold 9000, Storm, Torch and 9900. This does not mean I am a hardcore BlackBerry lover as I have had other devices, mostly Android over the past years. What I have found is that no matter what, I end up with a BlackBerry in my hands.

    Moving on to the Classic; looks? I think it's a good looking device; I love that it's a sturdy device like the old Bold lines.
    Performance? Well, nowadays people get excited about 4 cores and 8 cores and numbers that actually mean nothing in some cases as i've had droids with twice as much computing as BlackBerry devices and despite that, they're rubish, sluggish and annoying. The Classic performs well beyond my first expectations and I am happy to say that this (these) OS 10 devices are amazing: interface, looks, functionality. BlackBerry hub? Amazing (imo)! Battery? Awesome and godlike compared to the one I had on the 9900. Keyboard? If u liked the 9900 u're gonna love this as they're almost the same. What I love about physical keys is that I can un-holster it and type whatever I want; if u want u can also set up BlackBerry assistant to look only where u want it making it faster or making sure u don't end up with stuff that u don't really want in the list.

    Screen and camera? Is the screen big enough? Yes it is. If u write a lot then the screen is the same size in most cases compared with other full touch screen devices (because of the graphical keyboard that pops-up). Camera is more than enough; why? Well if u need much more than this, it means u're looking for a digital camera not a phone. A very cool feature that I love about the camera is taking pictures while filming.

    Let's move to stuff that I don't like; the calls list firstly! I detest it! Why is it like on android devices? Why do I have separate entries of each call in it? Why did they remove the simple call list from the 9900?! If I want to see the history for a contact I should choose that; my call list is a neverending scrolling experience that's filled with the same 4-5 entries that I talk to each day which makes it hard and frustrating to look for a single entry. I wish they would bring the calls list from the 9900 back or adding an option to set it however u prefer. The second thing that I miss is the heavy profile customization from way back; profile customization is decent now (compared to androids and iphones it's great) but it's nowhere near the capabilities on the 9900.

    I've had the Classic for 4 months now and I am going to rate it in 2 ways: if u're coming from a BlackBerry OS 7 device u should hurry up to the nearest store and get your hands on the Classic because it's everything u wanted and then some! If u're new to BlackBerry, u'll either love it or hate it.

    Should I compare the Classic with the Passport? Well the Passport is obviously very different (bigger, no function keys, better hardware etc) and I am personally very fond of the function keys.

    These are just my short thoughts on the classic this is by no means an effort to make people buy it or biased to love it. At the end of the day, everyone should have their own experience and choose the device that fits their individual needs.


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    06-12-15 02:17 AM
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    Very true and good expression of your opinion.

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    06-12-15 03:25 AM
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    Great review. I would say BB10 can still learn a lot from BBOS.

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    06-12-15 05:15 AM

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