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    Some time ago I wrote a post titled " I would like to come home now". Well, on January 10th, that's exactly what I did. That was the day my Blackberry Classic arrived after a 14 day wait. I decided to wait a few weeks before giving my impressions on the device. Honestly, all I can say is this is one of the best Blackberry devices I've ever owned. It is elegant and clean. Has weight that gives it substance. The screen is easy on the eyes even though it is much smaller then my galaxy S4. I still feel comfortable reading on it. Ok, lets just cut to the chase. The keyboard is wonderful. It was like being with an old friend that's been a way for a while. Even though I have not had a Blackberry as a main device for a few years. The Classic was like breathing, simple and natural.

    Now, what the Classic is not is an Android device. Yes, it can run side loaded apps and that a good thing. However, with all of the reviews I've read and seen over the past month. I can't help but wonder why does everyone keep comparing the Classic (and Passport for that matter) to Android and iOS? Clearly the mission statement is for the serious business user and die-hard fans. Personally, I love my Samsung Galaxy S4, but I just wanted to go back to a simpler yet productive time in my life. The hardest time I had ever giving up my smartphone was my Bold 9930. I actually carried it side by side with an HTC One X+ for over a year. There is just something about Blackberry that keeps me coming back. Now along with my Galaxy Note 8.0 as a companion. I really don't feel like I'm missing anything. I really don't feel the need to shove every app in creation onto my phone. I just want a device that simply works the way I want it to.

    My intent was not to give a highly technical review. Others have done a great job on both this site and YouTube. My intent is more of a personal and emotional level. While some view mobile devices a just simply tools. The majority of us have a more personal and emotional tie to our devices. That is why tactile feel , function and form are so important to the consumer. Seriously, iphones are the fashion statement, Android is the cool nerdy kid. Still trying to figure out where Windows phones should be. Then there is Blackberry, Elegant and misunderstood. A mistress that we love to hate, yet find ourselves coming back to her every single time. For the ones that leave and never look back. That's ok as well. You see, it really is about personal choice. Personally, I am liking my choice more and more every day.
    01-28-15 08:08 PM
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    Enjoy your classic!

    01-28-15 08:13 PM
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    Yes indeed! I used to be an Android too but I got tired of using virtual keyboard and complexity of using that OS. Since I went black(berry) I never went back! LOL!!!

    Via BlackBerry Classic OS on Blazing Fast T-Mobile 4GLTE.
    01-28-15 08:16 PM
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    Sure is it has android file in it. Lol

    Z 30
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    01-28-15 08:34 PM
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    Sure is it has android file in it. Lol

    Z 30
    True dat! BlackBerry is like its many owners, multi taskers and able wear many hats.

    Honestly, I would get a cheap Android tablet if I needed the Android experience. I absolutely love my Classic. And we do own Android phones and tablets in our home.

    Posted via Classic
    01-28-15 09:13 PM

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