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    Hey guys! As I said my classic doesn't connect to bbm or BlackBerry Protect Service. I have no idea why. And I find it really annoying because I can't use BBM. I don't want to reset my phone either.

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    08-29-16 04:14 AM
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    On your home screen have you got the BlackBerry connection dots showing?

    See pic of the top right of my screen:

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    08-29-16 04:20 AM
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    Had trouble with it too in the beginning, but BlackBerry help services sorted it out!
    Yep the BlackBerry symbol in the upper right corner on your desktop should be there for a start!

    Did you had the invitation email for BBM Protected ?
    Did you login with your BlackBerry ID following the link in that invitation email that is used for your BBW and BBM account?

    Than check out in settings under "About - Category - network" hit the three dots lower right corner and hit "Register BlackBerry" than start BBM again!
    There should have been a start display telling you that BBM Protected is now aktiv and your typing text should be BLUE too.
    If your text your writings is BLUE instead of black, your BBM Protected is working!

    It than would initially look like this if you are connected to your chatting partner after security keys are exchanged successful
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    08-30-16 06:55 AM

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