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    I know that the Classic is a bit slow - but I'm curious as to whether my experience with music player is normal or if I might have a problem.

    In the native music player it takes ages to add tracks to playlists. It can take between 30 secs and 2 mins to add a single track. In some cases it takes almost as long to add the track as it would take to listen to it! It means that it's practically impossible to create a playlist. The same happens if I delete a track from a playlist - hit delete, then tick and it goes away for minutes at a time. It shouldn't be transferring files when creating playlists. I can't find any settings for the music player. All the music is stored on the SD card.

    As an example - I’ve got a playlist with 17 tracks on it. Just changing the order of the tracks takes 50 seconds after hitting the tick button for the circle to stop spinning. Note that adding tracks to, and deleting tracks from Favourites is instantaneous. No other apps running, nothing in background as far as I can tell (e.g. not connected to Blend).

    I've tried Neutron and it has no delays or other problems with playlists, so it would appear to be a Music Player problem - not a file system problem - I can create, add, delete files from playlists with no discernible delay whatsoever. If Neutron were usable I'd use it, but it's pretty rubbish as a player and not really an alternative to the native app (slow to start, impossible interface, search function doesn't work, etc).

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    09-14-15 01:12 PM
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    That's funny because my opinion of Neutron vs stock music player is the exact opposite of yours... But I digress.

    Do you have a Windows PC? I use a free program called MP3tag to tag music and make playlists. I don't do it on my phone.

    If i could have any music player i wanted, it would be the stock one from BBOS 7. Now that was near perfect!
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    09-14-15 06:19 PM
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    Kvndoom - I've got a Mac and iTunes which I use for tagging music and making playlists. Of course, for a BB user this is useless because BB Link isn't compatible with Macs.
    09-17-15 09:26 AM
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    Poweramp is the best but I use it on my other device. The music player on BlackBerry is slow. I can navigate my 4k+ songs and 47 playlist fast with no issue. My work playlist has nearly 2k songs alone and it plays just fine fast

    J Be....Here But Gone...
    09-18-15 06:08 AM
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    I've heard people mention Poweramp but I didn't see it in BBW. Is it an Android app?

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    09-18-15 08:04 AM
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    That's strange. I only use the stock music app and have two playlists. I have probably about 200 songs? Never had delays that u mentioned. And my Classic is fast.

    Hope u find a solution.

    Posted via Classic
    09-19-15 06:45 AM

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