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    Hi BB users, I have used many devices from BB in the past and the recent one I bought was the passport but had to return it as it was too huge. Im currently using the Note 3 and wish to move/upgrade. I saw the Classic and somehow it reminds me of my 9900 (which I had beforethe passport) and I like the way it looks.
    My major need is FB and WhatsApp apart from other apps like Evernote,Chrome, Zedge and MiFit(Its a fitness app from Xiaomi for its tracker).
    Will the regular android apps work smoothly by side loading?
    Will moving from a Note 3 to Q20 Classic be a good idea?Advise please. The earlier, the better.

    Thanks in anticipation
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    08-06-15 04:47 AM
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    Can't guarantee all Android apps will work smoothly. Other than that, for a communication device, the Classic is great.

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    08-06-15 06:25 AM
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    You may be in for a shock, so be warned.

    Via my Z30 on the Telus network
    08-06-15 06:53 AM
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    MiFit is a hit or miss with my Classic.
    No idea about Zedge (the ringtones app?)
    Chrome will easily be replaced by the BlackBerry 10 browser.

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    08-06-15 07:32 AM
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    bobby1966 said it best. I made the same move and it only lasted a month before I had bought a PP and traded the Classic for a backup android device. You will realize how capable that Note 3 was pretty quick.

    Passport Posted
    08-06-15 08:38 AM
  6. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    I can't comment on the Note 3, but I just bought a Note Edge because I got fed up with BlackBerry.

    The Classic itself is a pretty capable device for itself, Whatsapp (and Facebook, I don't use that though) will work in native versions. So does Evernote, which is even kind of integrated into the system if you want. However Chrome for example needs sideloading.

    As far as sideloading goes, the results are mixed. I am not a heavy sideloader and in fact only had one or two Android apps sideloaded. Performance, especially on the Classic, is not always what you are used from your Note 3, especially in terms of loading times. In addition apps using the Google Play Services won't work at all, since the Android environment used within BB10 doesn't support those.

    If you communicate a lot, the Classic will be a great choice. My Note Edge is a pretty good phone in many aspects, but IMHO it simply fails compared to my Classic when it comes to communication. Be it e-mails, simple chats via Whatsapp or forum posts like this one - the Classic simply has an Edge over my Edge IMHO. I just got confirmation my Classic is on the way back to me from warranty and I sincerely pray this time I not only get a good unit, but one which actually lasts for more than a few months, let alone a couple of days. *sigh*

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    08-06-15 03:23 PM
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    To be honest, as you seem to be someone who enjoys apps, I'd think twice about a move to the classic.

    It sure is a great phone. If you put more weight on the form factor, keyboard and the overall BlackBerry look and feel, go for it!

    However, you should know that the performance of the Classic is not the best and Android apps can be a pain.
    I'm running some on my Passport which has a lot better specs than the Classic and still many of them are buggy, laggy or don't work at all.

    So just be sure what you expect of your device in the first place.

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    08-06-15 04:38 PM

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