1. Mack Gans's Avatar
    I've recently upgraded from a Q10 to Classic and it's great! The trackpad is amazing. One problem I am having is selection a menu item if there is a long list I am scrolling through.

    For example, on the CrackBerry app I can't find a way to move the focus of the cursor from the list of articles to the menu bar that has News, Forums, Store, etc.

    Or in BlackBerry World same thing, I have to scroll to the bottom of the page (And past all the categories of apps) before I can select My World.

    Is there any way to move the cursor focus without scrolling through the entire list?

    Posted via CB10
    10-17-15 05:56 PM
  2. rwcrwfrd's Avatar
    Press "B" to go to bottom. "T" to go back to top.

    Posted via Classic SQC100-3 /
    10-17-15 06:52 PM

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