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    Not too long after the update I noticed my phone running warm and a battery drain when at rest. At the time I thought it might have been an app I had that was frequently freezing, but I have experienced it after deleting the app. Surprisingly even after a couple of restarts the phone would still run warm and drain. It wasn't after I did a reset (holding top button until restart) that the problem stopped.
    Yesterday it happened again. The night before the phone was behaving correctly and I put it on charge, leaving it on as usual with no apps running, but when I got up and unplugged it, it felt warm. Usually it feels cool to the touch in the morning. About half hour later it was still warm and the battery was draining, so I did a restart. The day was busy, but later that morning I still noticed it was warm and the battery was not where I expected it. I did another restart. My busy day continued, but a couple of hours later I noticed it was still warm and battery was way less than where it normally is. I had no apps open and checked memory to see if anything unusual was running. Nothing. This time I did the long press top button. The phone returned to normal, bearly consuming any battery for the remainder of the day and back to its cool self.
    I will continue to monitor to see if it is a reoccurring event.

    Anyone experience anything like this?

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    03-07-15 06:50 AM
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    I had this on my q10. Solved it with a factory reset.

    Posted via CB10
    03-07-15 07:18 AM
  3. Fastmarc's Avatar
    Saw in a passport thread about this same issue that some had linked it to android kindle app. This was the last app I installed before it started, so I removed it and will monitor.

    Posted via CB10
    03-07-15 03:30 PM

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