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    I’m not able to send/receive MMS messages on my BB Classic — pictures, videos, group chats, etc.

    Checked with my carrier, Cricket Wireless, both in store and over the phone. When over the phone, they told me to call Blackberry. From there, I learned that I would have to purchase a “support package” because I bought the phone unlocked over EBay instead of from them directly. I then brought it into Cricket, and whilst the associate really did try for quite awhile, she couldn’t get it to work.

    My mobile data is perfectly fine, my plan allows for MMS, and I’ve gone through my settings pretty thoroughly I’d say.

    A few potential solutions I found on CrackBerry I’ve also tried and failed to yield results are as follows: deleting all threads with previously failed MMS messages, sending to both Android and iOS phones, soft reset, checked various settings (there is absolutely no menu for “Advanced MMS”, only “Advanced SMS) annnnd... I think that’s it. The only other option I’ve heard people have had success with is getting a new SIM card, which I’m willing to try.

    Does anybody have any insight as to why I can’t get MMS to work? So far it’s biggest drawback to me trying to get into this phone.

    I’m also gonna try posting this on Reddit, in case there’s any gurus over there still.


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    12-31-17 07:04 AM
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    I have a 100-2 AT&T branded phone and my advanced settings are also not available.


    Threads talk about changing the APN settings, but mine only says "phone". I've since changed the OS to a non-carrier specific OS on this phone as well.

    Edit: Pretty sure Cricket is on the AT&T network. I had an unlocked Moto G4 Play on AT&T before this Classic that needed phone (not store) level tech support to change settings on their end to fix delayed texting. I was impressed on how they handled it on an advanced level.

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    Cain, so the best bet is to have the phone looked at by some sort of tech support? Not a carrier-retailer?

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    12-31-17 12:10 PM
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    AT&T (phone in) Tech Support fixed the Moto's issue, as no matter what APN settings I changed it didn't fix the hours later text messages.

    They seemed very knowledgeable, had to "associate the phone with their system". They also explained that happens with a "non-AT&T branded" phone.

    Heard they don't fully support all features of unlocked phones, but MMS should be working.

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    12-31-17 01:02 PM
  5. rhansen91's Avatar
    Update to this thread:

    I was able to get it to work! I went to my carrier a second time and eventually just tried using a new SIM card -- lo and behold, it worked. The associate was skeptical, but I think because Cricket did a network update within the last year, and my SIM was over a year old, that somehow affected it.

    As soon as I put a new SIM card in, all MMS started working.

    Good luck!

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    01-06-18 06:04 PM
  6. anon(916519)'s Avatar
    Glad this has worked out for you.

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    01-07-18 12:21 PM

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