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    My 3 month old Classic is behaving strangely when I connect it to a charger.

    The phone often says to connect to the charger than came with the device, even when I am using the BlackBerry charger. At other times it does not recognize it is attached to a charger at all (i.e. no little lightning bolt icon appears).

    When connected to a computer, it sometimes repeatedly pops up a message indicating it is connected for charging only, even when I've dismissed the message before.

    Has anyone else had these problems? Is it a sign that the micro-usb connector on the BlackBerry Classic is wearing out?

    Found this similar problem for BlackBerry Passport: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...ector-1084731/
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    09-15-16 10:15 AM
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    It is a mechanical connection that can receive a lot of abuse at times.... you trip or snatch the cord while the phone is plugged it (you know you have done it more than once). One reason I only use a wireless charger these days...

    Will say my Z10 usb connector held up well.... think BlackBerry didn't want any PlayBook repeats.

    Only way to know for sure would be to eliminate a software glitch by reinstalling the OS and then testing. If it's still happening, you need to have it repaired.... or replace the phone.
    09-15-16 01:46 PM
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    I am on my second Classic soley because of the USB connector. The first phone was repaired twice. Finally I bought a new one, and after about six months it is starting to become to become loose.
    09-15-16 01:46 PM
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    Thanks for your experiences and ideas. After reading other threads, I began to suspect it was the cables that were wearing out. Apparently the two little sprung hooks that hold the cable in place can wear out.

    I bought some new higher-quality USB to micro-USB cables and that seems to have fixed the problem.

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    09-18-16 04:29 PM
  5. B Louang's Avatar
    I got away with replacing the USB port. Pita to get to but not impossible. Check youtube for instructions

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    09-19-16 10:17 AM
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    I had the same concern as we are seeing similar problems on our older iPad. What I found out was that because I purchased my BB Classic from ATT, it has Qi and PMA wireless charging capability. After testing a couple of options, I've settled on the Angled Samsung Fast Charger stand. The fast charging doesn't work with the Classic, but the normal charge mode is about as fast as the USB charging.

    Since I have an Otter Box Defender case, other wireless chargers wouldn't reliably charge. However, the Samsung has no problem connecting wirelessly and charging my Classic to a full charge.

    I bought a second one for at work, so during the day it stays fully charged while streaming live radio over WiFi.

    The charger generates heat, but there is a fan built in that keeps the temp down to a luke warm feel. It's very quiet that I don't hear it when I go to bed despite it is on the nightstand next by my head.

    I picked up both units for close to $40 from Amazon, but the convenience and not having to physically use the USB cable is more than worth it.
    Micro-USB Connection Problems with Classic?-img_20160922_220752.jpg

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    09-22-16 10:08 PM

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