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    I'm contracting at a major UK Tel Co. Team Blackberry were in the reception area at head office today to demo the Classic (stands out with working phones, BB staff to show off the phones and inform interest staff, 'Win a Classic' competition, that sort of thing). Was really pleased to see the amount of interest showed throughout the day (I had reasons to walk past the stands quite a few times throughout the day (on my way to the smoking area) and it was always busy). I liked the look of the Classic but will stick with my Passport (not allowed to enter the competition sadly, Permies only).
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    01-20-15 12:23 PM
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    Nice to hear. Thanks for sharing! I hope the Classic has been a hit for BlackBerry.
    01-20-15 12:25 PM
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    That's great to read! People who have seen my Classic didn't even grant it a second look. They're like 'of course you have that phone' since it's the 6th BB10 device they've seen in my hands. And people ignorant of the Classic's existence probably think it's a 9900 and have no interest at all.

    The Passport on the other hand is a real attraction!

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    01-20-15 12:56 PM
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    The Classic is something I'd call a stealth device. It attracts virtually zero interest from anybody, maybe minus some BB users who are still rocking legacy devices and aren't tech nerds who haven't really heard about BB10 yet.

    I actually like it, the Passport on the other hand gains lots of attraction. Not because it is a BlackBerry, people actually seem to be surprised this is a BB, but rather because of the sheer size and the completely unusual form factor. However I prefer a more subtle device which simply draws less attention.

    However when I show people the Classic, it usually gets mixed reactions. Many people enjoy the keyboard, yet dislike the small screen. When it comes to apps, where it comes to rather quickly within my multimedia and entertainment focused social field, the Classic quickly gets uninteresting.

    Hopefully not double-typed with my Q10
    01-20-15 01:25 PM

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