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    The Classic allows you to tune to local radio stations through the music app without using data. The headphones must be connected to the device to make this work because they serve as an antenna for the built in radio tuner. You can adjust the audio output to direct the sound through the Classic speakers rather than the headphones if you want to do that. I cant figure out how to direct it to play through my remote Bluetooth speakers though. Is it possible, and if so can anyone tell me how to do it?
    04-08-16 11:45 AM
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    You appear to be right.
    That's a stupid oversight on BlackBerrys part.

    I'm going to try the bluetooth in the truck later on. Maybe I can make it work through the voice commands.

    ...I know this defeats the purpose of wireless, but if you have a line out cable (3.5mm headphone jack on both ends) you can try that. Most speakers have that input.

    Posted via CB10
    04-08-16 12:50 PM

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