1. guido0136's Avatar
    I recently added my LinkedIn account to the HUB. Problem is that I have the option to show sent items turned off but for some reason sent items from LinkedIn still show.

    I even logged in to LinkedIn on my computer and archived the sent items and still they show in the HUB.... any ideas?

    01-30-15 07:54 AM
  2. andy957's Avatar
    If you have the Hub open, go to Settings by tapping the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen (More). Tap Hub Management. Scroll to LinkedIn and tap on it. Make sure you have "show in separate account only" checked. Does that work for you?

    Posted via CB10
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    01-30-15 01:44 PM
  3. guido0136's Avatar
    I think so, I'll keep a tally and check back if it does not help.

    01-30-15 07:50 PM

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