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    I'm not one for typing once and hitting send. I tend to review what I've written, make corrections, and then hit send. Why oh why is there any x direction on the touch swipe at all when all you can do is go up and down through the body of your composed email? The left and right shift distance is only about one character's width (again why bother) but it's enough to make you wonder whether a word is truncated or if there is no space in the carriage return, when you can't see right to the end of the line. The email body started out centered and justified to the screen - why can't it just stay there? Since there is no use for any left and right motion on the swipe as you work through the body of a text, why not just eliminate it from the touch screen polling during the composing subroutine? Is the microprocessor drunk and practicing its DUI line-walking?
    Yes i could use the track pad but it flits the caret down through the body of the text which takes many more swipes and there is the always annoying hesitation on the trackpad when you first "get going" or reswipe over and over to cover the distance; as it decides whether you are about to push or truly swipe.
    With Chen spouting that they are a software company, how about we fix some of this software siliness to make it work better.
    Why is there any hesitation on the track pad at all? A virtual button I could understand - is that a swipe or a press - and it needs a few hundredths to decide if you've moved your finger far enough. But a pad that has an actual contact inside it should be ready to swipe at a milliseconds notice. What is it thinking about when you first start to swipe?
    08-03-16 05:21 PM

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