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    One week with keyone , coming from Classic. I will not list here advantages or disadvantages of each device. But i want to point a basic difference for those who came from Classic : Classic is a portable device . When you are right-handed you can use your right hand to hold it and perform almost all tasks with your right thumb , using your left hand only when you have to type something. Keyone does not work that way. If you try to hold it on your right hand on the sameway you use Classic it will be a bit frustrating, you´ll not feel it firmly in your hand and you will have to "move it" inside your hand sometimes to reach the screen with your right thumb giving a loose grip sensation. To feel it firmly you have to pick up it with you right hand but than you have to switch the device to the left hand and acess most tasks with your right index finger, and of course both hands when you have type. Its a big difference. With the classic you could check almost everything with your right hand, now you need both hands to perform a "steady and firm" checking procedure.
    The first consequence is that i have to change the pocket i´m used to put the phone. Now is better to use my phone on the left pocket of my pants to eliminate one movement (switch hands). Before, the classic was always on my right pocket (and my wallet on the left) . Now i have to stop walking to check it properly . Before i could go down a stair and check the phone at the same time.
    Watching iphone and samsung big devices owners i noticed that they usually put their phones on the left pocket, they stop walking to check the phone (because they need two hands) and they use less the right hand to check the phone where its remarkable how it swing and do not stay firm inside the hand. Keyone is a big "candy-bar" phone that you cannot manipulate like the Classic.
    This is only an advice.
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    07-06-17 04:48 PM

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