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    Hi all, I noticed my classic keyboard backlighting is quite uneven. Bright on the right side, dimmer on the left. Toolbar keys bright on the left and dimmer on the right lol.

    Is there an app to test the keyboard lighting? I downloaded the Blackberry Expert diagnostics app but cannot see anywhere to test this.

    Many thanks for the help everything else seems 100 percent fine. I have a bit of LCD light bleed upon startup but not noticeable after startup and I know this is common in LCD screens - almost all of them.

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    I'm not sure exactly what you need to test, but I've made a quick app for you that will let you control your keyboard backlight, so that you can test the backlight in different levels.

    Please note that this is an unofficial API and the keyboard backlight isn't supposed to be controlled by an app, so the OS might override the backlight value that you set after a couple of seconds or depending on the ambiant light.

    You'll need to sideload :

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    08-15-15 08:14 AM
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    Hey, You made an awesome application!
    From almost 3 months I was finding an application that could help to turn off backlit keyboard!
    The backlit light really hurts to eyes while reading texts at night.

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    12-21-15 11:41 AM

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