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    Hi everyone,

    I'm planning to retire my old Z10 to change to a new BB10 device. As the Priv do not offer the option to ungoogle it (root it and throw all the google garbage out of it), I'm very torn between the Passport SE and the Classic.
    As I'm using my phone just for communication (email, SMS, BBM, Whatsapp, Blaq), a little bit of web browsing and music, I do not think I'm in need of a big display like the passports even it is very impressive.

    There are mainly two questions whether I'm going classy or passport..y..?

    First of all, I would like to have the full keyboard experience. I had a Passport for a few weeks last year and I know, it's hard to only have three rows of keys. Especially as I'm a German, I'm in need of things like commas. We Germans love to build sentence with like up to five or six commas in it. Not even to mention the semicolons and further elements of text structure. I highly disliked it to use the display a couple of times for each sentence.
    On the other side I was highly appreciated by the touch enabled keyboard. To be honest, it was only one feature I loved it, which the Trackpad can't do - deleting a full word with a swipe to the left. It sounds ridiculous, but it was the best invented feature I could think of. I'm often troubled with writings which are heavy on the typing game. Typos were unavoidable even with a physical keyboard.
    Is there any way to delete one full word with the classic keyboard? I didn't find a answer to this question so I'm asking you daily classic users.

    On the keyboard side I'm about to buy a classic right away. But then I see it's powered by the same dated hardware as my Z10.

    I'm not that app guy, I do not use a lot of Android apps. There are only three.

    DB Navigator - the app of "Deutsche Bahn", a railway company
    Deezer - music streaming service
    AndroIRC - the best mobile IRC-solution in my opinion

    On my z10 it is possible to use Deezer and AndroIRC at the same time, when I'm starting Docs to go or the browser additionally, it begins to stutter every now and then, but it's just okay. I can handle that.
    Now I'm planning to use the next device for about one and a half year, I don't know if this will just do it.
    Furthermore I'm sceptical about screen ratio and size. In most common tasks, I do not think that this will bother me. But how are these three apps on the classic screen? I know how the apps perform on the passport. Preeminently it's the Deezer app I'm concerned of. On the passport the navigation was not that good. Is the back key on the Classic the counterpart of the back key within android? I like to hide the navigation bar, so this is very important to me. Also, I wonder how small the album arts and such things are on a 3,5" screen.
    Are any Deezer users here, which could provide me a screenshot of it?
    Also, is the android runtime on the passport notable quicker against the experience on the classic?
    I'm aware of the fact that the android rt is only using two of the passport's four cores, so I think the question is valid.

    As you can see, a BB10 Priv would probably amuse me a lot, but since this is not a option, I have to take one of them. I'm not willed to carry two devices, so I'm in a type of dilemma situation.

    I hope, you are patient enough to answer my questions or even provide me a sneak peak in your personal opinions on this.
    I would love to see screenshots of the three named apps in particular since they are of great importance for me personally.

    Thanks in advance for every helpful comment and if my english is confusing or not clear sometimes, please keep in mind I'm not a native speaker. Just ask, if something is not clear.

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    02-10-16 11:11 PM
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    I've decided to go Classic, since the full keyboard is a win against the cramped one on the Passport. Also after trying out I understand why people love this toolbelt so much. It's just a gorgeous tool to be quicker on the UI, especially, if you use swipe gestures and the toolbelt in a good mix.

    If someone wonders about android apps and how they perform, I can at least say, that deezer music and the Deutsche Bahn Navigator are working flawless on the classic. The player of the deezer app looks a little bit messed up, but since I want to listen to the music and not starring at the player the whole time, it's okay. The playlist overview and other menus are completely visible and accessible, so I do not see big issues there.
    Since everybody see and rate those things for their personal opinion differently, I attach some screenshots from both apps, so everybody can make up his or her own mind.

    Keyboard and Android runtime on Classic-img_20160223_004951.png

    Keyboard and Android runtime on Classic-img_20160223_005004.png

    Keyboard and Android runtime on Classic-img_20160223_005020.png

    Keyboard and Android runtime on Classic-img_20160223_005147.png

    Keyboard and Android runtime on Classic-img_20160223_005202.png

    Keyboard and Android runtime on Classic-img_20160223_005221.png

    Keyboard and Android runtime on Classic-img_20160223_005247.png

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    02-22-16 07:03 PM
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    Thanks for your reply and sharing the "Classic" experience. I will be moving back to classic in this week from MM powered One Plus One.

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    02-22-16 11:20 PM

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