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    In a nutshell Chen promises that the Blackberry Classic will carry over those things in BB7 that made the device head and shoulders above IOS and Droid, as well as WP8. These include but are not limited to:

    If you shoot a video "on your phone" and RENAME IT "on your phone" when you browse your videos "on your phone" the FULL TITLE SCROLLS "on your phone". The same goes if you have sync'd motion capture videos you made on your PC to your phone.

    The same goes for the ability to quickly rename pictures after you have taken them!

    *TRY performing 1 & 2 from an iphone! Try performing 1 from an Android! Try performing 1 or 2 from a windows phone!

    What I'm saying here is that Blackberry took a huge step back from the perfect way it handled "these tasks within BB7". Blackberry had a HUGE ADVANTAGE in these two areas with BB7 and nearly erased their advantage with their supposedly new OS!

    Un-bugger the loose fitting battery problem. I went though SEVERAL Q10's thinking I got some bum phones until I found on from other customers here on crackberry that the battery just fit loose so if the phone was put on a hard surface too rapidly the battery would shift and loose contact thus causing THE REBOOT issue! This needs to be fixed on the Classic so the customer doesn't have to wrap masking tape around the battery to make it bigger PRIOR to installing it into the phone!

    Seriously consider making a slightly LARGER Blackberry classic, bigger screens seem to be the rage these days and it doesn't have to be stupid big but maybe just an inch bigger.

    Put the F'ing PASSWORD SAFE back on the phone that existed in BB7. It's just stupid to hype a product as a "business device" and strip those things EVERY business person needs! Think about it for a minute - Blackberry needs some good core business apps and a couple media type apps. It's a waste to worry about game apps at this point given BB's market share.

    Send me a BB Classic to test out before you release it - I will let BB know where they came up short so they can fix it prior to release.

    Thank you.

    Sorry for the title of this thread - I hope to catch the attention of Chen and of course anyone else who believes there were many thing BB7 did WAY BETTER then what we have now. With the new OS there is no excuse we shouldn't have the best of both!
    10-05-14 01:46 PM
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    Regarding #5, Password Keeper is available in Blackberry World. But I agree, it should be already be installed on the phone.
    Password Keeper - BlackBerry World
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    10-05-14 02:42 PM
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    Was going to say, I have password keeper one z30. I agree with number 4 as well. A little bit bigger screen would have me more interested in the classic if need be when my z30 needs replacing. I'm not at all interested in the passport. Way bigger than I want to mess with. Z30 is my limit on size.

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    10-05-14 03:00 PM
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    You say u want an inch bigger a screen? Why not just get the passport then?

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    10-05-14 06:21 PM
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    To 1-3 it is very easy to rename files, all you need to hit is properties and off you go.

    If you want to see the whole name, just look it up in list view in the file manager or just via assistant. The whole name is easily visible/searchable

    I have the passport to have a massive screen and do not miss the toolbelt at all.

    With the shortcuts of the keyboard, the passport is amazing. All I miss is a wacom digitizer to have pen input as well...

    Having had the Z10, Z30 and now the Passport, I never noticed any built issues. Therefore the loose-fitting battery is a moot point

    PassportSQW100-1/ and a Z30
    10-05-14 06:51 PM
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    Trackpad should make screen size pretty much irrelevant to navigation. At least if implemented like 9900's. Bigger screen is, of course, useful for viewing but hdmi isn't that difficult to use for the couple times per week i might actually want a larger screen. I, myself, have no desire to cart around unnecessarily oversized devices.
    10-05-14 07:02 PM
  7. pythons's Avatar
    To 1-3 it is very easy to rename files, all you need to hit is properties and off you go.
    Not as easy as hitting the old BB key and selecting "rename"...
    ...That was my example of some things that RIM went backwards on.

    If you want to see the whole name, just look it up in list view in the file manager or just via assistant. The whole name is easily visible/searchable
    Again, in BB7 you went to your video list and the full titles were right there....
    ....Why bumble around with "work arounds" when you should be able to go straight where you need to.
    10-07-14 03:14 PM

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