09-11-15 11:46 AM
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  1. ZeroBarrier's Avatar
    I'm sorry I'm quite judgemental! I just feel like the Classic is perfectly ok! And yes it is a bit heavy but does its weight that uncomfortable?
    I think you're quoting the wrong person, I was agreeing with you.

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    09-11-15 04:39 AM
  2. idssteve's Avatar
    "Too" heavy is "too" subjective without defining criteria... lol... That said, it could be argued that our fixed battery Classics might be heavier than necessary for some use cases. Since our batteries can't be swapped mid-day, it must be sized for heaviest expected use. Battery accounts for significant portion of device weight.

    Most days my Classic goes to bedside charging cradle with well over 1/2 charge remaining. Meaning its battery is twice the size it really needs to be for "typical" use. Other, non-typical low signal, days i'm hunting a wall to hug before day's end... Or, switch back to my secondary 9900. That 9900's swappable battery configuration permits smaller, lighter, battery since its undersized battery can simply be swapped during lunch or coffee breaks when drained. On days when i know i'll be in low signal industrial environments, i simply swap in my 5000mAh battery into that backkup 9900.

    That oversized (for most days) 5000mAh battery makes the 9900 weigh about the same as my Classic. IMO, the weight really affords improved stability while loosely cradled in hand during upright, two handed use. The SIZE of the Classic truly becomes a problem during out of position, single handed, use. I can securely grasp my 9900 between first finger on top edge, and pinky finger on bottom edge, while crawling around equipment or while in bed. Not so secure grasp on my Classic in similar scenarios. Pinky gets pretty fatigued after 13hr days.

    I would argue that Classic is too large long before arguing that it is too heavy. IMO.
    09-11-15 08:24 AM
  3. will308's Avatar
    Not that I'm weak, but 176g is just too much for a cellphone.
    9900s weight was maximum, classic's just too heavy.

    Call me crazy, but that is why I wont buy the classic and will be
    still kicking around with my 9780/9790.
    yea ill call you weak,classic is just fine no problems carrying it here
    09-11-15 10:04 AM
  4. thejfadams's Avatar
    I like the weight of the Classic and find it in no way difficult to "wield".

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    09-11-15 10:11 AM
  5. slagman5's Avatar
    I have to agree that the Classic is way too heavy... in the past with my Bold 9700 or later the 9900 I'd lie on my couch or bed at home and write messages while just holding it up, now with the Classic that's just impossible. I literally get cramps when holding the phone up for too long cause it's so heavy. Obviously 90% of the time when you're just sitting or standing (ie. using the phone in a "normal" way) it's fine and you don't notice how heavy it is.. but once lying down it's like exercising with weights haha
    Lay on your side. No chance of it falling on your face that way...

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    09-11-15 11:39 AM
  6. slagman5's Avatar
    The iPhone is way better built, however.

    Have you guys seen the recent Beats headphones teardowns wherein it's noted that there are three heavy, metal parts that are basically used as weights In order to make the beats headphones feel more premium? It's silliness that electronics need to be heavy to be of a good quality. We all know that the Classic has poor construction and is mostly glued together. The weight is a joke.

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    And where are the weights in the Classic? I think you are a bit confused with your comparison. Beats, the overpriced crappy headphones add weights to pretend to be a normally heavy piece of technology, like the BB Classic naturally is...

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    09-11-15 11:43 AM
  7. slagman5's Avatar
    Are u serious? Too heavy? I'm skinny girl 5ft7 and 110 pounds and I think the Classic is just right for me... Woman up... Don't be a *****...
    Yep, call that guy a wahbulance. Lol.

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    09-11-15 11:46 AM
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