1. grsilverman61's Avatar
    I installed recently and have had multiple issues:

    1. They have deleted the ability to set the time zone for a calendar appointment. The new "time zone preview" does NOT replace this functionality. Time zone preview allows you to view the various time zones if you have people participating in a conference call (or whatever) who are in multiple time zones (eg, a call that includes people in London, New York, LA, etc.). However--if you are traveling to multiple cities and want to enter your appointments in local times (eg, a 9 am meeting in New York, a noon lunch in London, a 6 pm dinner in LA), it used to be quite easy--you would simply designate the time zone when you entered the appointment. Now, there is no way to do it--you have to look up the current time in each other city, do the math to figure out the time change from where you happen to be at the moment, and then enter the appointment in your local time (so a noon lunch in London would have to be entered as a 6 a.m. appointment in Chicago). My tech people contacted blackberry support and they acknowledge that the new release has eliminated the ability to set a time zone for an appointment. Completely nuts that they would eliminate this feature, given that Blackberry is targeting the business market.

    2. The Classic was already extremely slow at some functions, such as "searching" for a name in contacts or--even worse--an email in the hub. Now, it is taking 15 seconds or even longer to add each "participant" to a calendar entry.

    3. There seem to be numerous bugs to the OS. For example, if I have connected it to my Plantronics voyager bluetooth headset, even after I turn off the headset, the Classic still shows it as connected and will not let me disconnect or connect to another bluetooth device (eg, my car, or stereo headphones). Even if I go to the bluetooth setting and turn bluetooth off and back on, it still shows it connected to the voyager (which is off). I have to reboot to clear it so I can use another device. Equally annoying is that even when it is correctly connected to my bluetooth headset, often the sound does not come out of the headset--I either have to switch to the handset to hear the other end of a conversation or I have to reboot to get the sound to play from the headset.

    I do want to say that I have been a loyal blackberry user since the very beginning (black and white screen, trackwheel on the right) and have upgraded through every new model. It is the only smartphone I have ever owned, and I have never criticized blackberry before now. Unfortunately, this new OS seems to be really problematic.
    07-19-15 02:21 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Why not move forward to a newer 10.3.2 OS and see if it doesn't help with the issues (except for the time zone thing which is obviously left out for a reason)
    07-20-15 08:40 AM
  3. parneyalbright's Avatar
    Removing the ability to set the time zone for a meeting is stunningly stupid. Cannot imagine what they were thinking.

    Posted via CB10
    07-20-15 09:23 AM
  4. grsilverman61's Avatar
    Am updating to, although supposedly that just fixes the backlight issue (which is another problem I failed to mention--the backlight almost never works). That said--when you say that the time zone thing was obviously left out for a reason, do you have any idea what in the world that reason could possibly be? My tech department has escalated this through numerous folks at Blackberry (we're a pretty significant customer) and not one of them could explain why this extremely important feature was deleted from the latest OS. Would love a credible explanation.
    07-26-15 01:55 PM

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