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    Hey everyone, I saw an iPhone to Passport thread and some discussions about apple to blackberry in the Passport forum but I wanted to see if anyone had insight into making the switch from iPhone to Classic. I have been using an iPhone since my Bold 9900 and will be new to OS 10 and have a couple of questions related to OS 10 and the Classic specifically, so I figured I'd start a thread as a resource for others who may want these answers too.

    I'm sorry it's long but this stuff just doesn't seem to have been asked or has been buried under all of the arguments about a light up track pads... Also, I think it's important to note why I'm asking certain questions, hopefully that will change your answers. Can we make this thread about helping myself and hopefully lots of others make the switch from iOS to OS 10? Hopefully anyone who's made the switch or the folks with test or pre-release classics can help. Here goes:

    1. Notifications are one of the primary things drawing me back to Blackberry. I desperately miss the LED notifications and hate how the whole screen turns on with notifications on iPhones. I also used to love the different sound profiles and being able to have different sound/vibrate settings for different occasions (i.e. silent on my desk in the office, "vibrate only" during meetings or dinner, loud and vibrate out at a bar, phone calls only when I'm asleep, etc), and different vibrations for notifications (one long for BBM, 2 short for email, 2 long for text, etc.). I was looking through the OS 10 forum and saw someone mentioned the sound profiles are different in OS 10 than they were in 7 and switching between them is kind of a pain on the Z30. Can someone outline those differences? Will the classic's volume buttons and/or keyboard make switching between profiles easier? Can you still enter bedside mode automatically when you plug in?

    2. Someone brought up a good point in another thread about the potential challenges using the track pad and tool belt in android apps because they haven't been written for a track pad device. The same may hold true for some OS 10 apps/functionality. Can anyone (ideally someone with a test unit) confirm on native BB apps as well as android ones: a) how often we'll get a cursor by touching the track pad and; b) if we don't get a cursor, will it allow us to move from say one text box to the next or scroll like you would with your finger?

    3. I don't do stuff like game or watch tv on my phone and I'm looking forward to having a workhorse device with a keyboard but there are the few apps that I do use quite a bit: GroupMe, Instagram, Snapchat, Hinge and tinder , Bloomberg, Uber, Bank of America and Amex. I have a few other apps that I'm sure have a BB native equivalent, sports, weather, etc., but these ones are crucial (okay, maybe not hinge and tinder, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right?). Can someone give me a high level understanding of: a) can I load these apps (especially Groupme!); b) can I get notifications; c) can I change those notifications in specific sound profiles and; d) if I want any random Android app, how likely is it that it will work on OS 10?

    4. Wireless charging should be a good alternative to a dock and I'm planning on getting one for my desk and one for my bedside. That said, does anyone know if the preorder classic model in shopblackberry will have qi capability? Really don't want to wait God knows how long for AT&T to get their act together...

    5. This may be a Q10-type question but I looked and couldn't find anything.. How does the lock screen in OS 10 work with a keyboard device? I've seen the picture password thing which is really cool, but I'm guessing my company is going to want me to use a nice long password. Can I simply hit the toolbar to wake the phone from standby and fire away my password like the old days? Can I lock it and send it into standby with my keyboard?

    6. Is the top button a screen lock/standby button, and if it is and it's not being used for locking (i.e using a keyboard shortcut), can I use it like a convenience key? What does the middle button between the volume buttons do and is that customizable like a convenience key?

    7. Will chromecast work with the classic? For example, if I want to view a powerpoint presentation, are there any options for getting it up on a projector wirelessly? If not, is there some sort of micro-usb to hdmi adapter I can use?

    8. I saw a thread about f.lux not being compatible on earlier versions of OS 10, does anyone know if you could use an app like f.lux to control system settings? (f.lux lowers blue light in your display at night) Additionally, is the OS 10 interface customizable with themes like OS 7?

    Sorry again that this post is so long! If I was switching back to a modern, stable OS 7 I would do it in a heartbeat with no questions, but I want to keep my expectations in check while I'm waiting... Thanks again, cheers to Blackberry!
    12-15-14 08:01 PM
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    1. No automatic bedside mode....this is still a major missing item that would take a coder a few minutes but for some mysterious reason they refuse to add it. I took 5 seconds to find an Android app that does this for my Moto X but BB10 still wont do it. profiles are available and not really hard to change. Apps allow for more of them, as.....again....BB has dropped the ball and refuse to replicate what we had in the products that......um........sold.

    2. Can't test one, but your primary use is in text documents that are all native.

    3. I can confirm Igrann, BoA, Uber. The others I don't use or have never heard of.

    4. It's possible wireless charging will be avail.

    5. hmm...not sure. But I would guess that you can.

    6. pretty specific question for a phone that's not released

    7. HDMI, yes. Chromecast, not sure, probably not. Wifi direct may work.

    8. No themes in BB10, but you can change backgrounds.
    12-15-14 08:14 PM
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    Ok, first, it's cool to see someone moving from an all touch back to the classic. I plan to do the same, but from a z10.

    I can't answer all of your questions now, but ai will say, bedside mode is similar but a little different. When you go to plug it in (I use a dock) it has a "nightshade" graphic that you pull down. It works well but it doesn't go automatically after a set time like before.

    LED notifications are great as always.
    The touch screen is great in bb10 so I think the trackpad will be great for text selection and browsing. For everything else, the touchscreen should suffice.

    The q10 still lets you do all of the swype gestures for unlock etc so I think it will be the same on the classic.

    Those are just general bb10 answers. We will need to wait until it is released before we know all of the answers.

    Posted via CB10
    12-15-14 08:16 PM
  4. anon8330237's Avatar
    You won't regret it!

    Posted via CB10
    12-15-14 08:45 PM
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    OP, you ask a lot of questions no one can know yet. Classic specifics like that have been not been seen by anyone. Edit: ok by only a very select few perhaps

    Wait a few days when people have them in their hands and then you will get some accurate answers.
    12-15-14 09:20 PM
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    Thanks for the answers, I hope that some that weren't can be answered now that people are starting to get their Classics from Amazon. Couple of follow ups too:

    9. I know NFC has been around for a while but now that the Apple crowd has started using ApplePay, I think it's going to become a lot more popular, especially with the iPhone fingerprint authentication. Does anyone use NFC on OS 10 and if so, what are the authentication options? I saw on a spec sheet today that the leather sleeve for the Classic is "NFC Compatible," does that mean you don't have to authenticate when you use NFC if the phone is in the sleeve?

    10. I did some searching and it seems like emoji's don't work on OS 10? Can anyone confirm? If so, are we likely to see emoji's in the future?

    11. Anyone know how Snap10/Snapchat or skype calls will scale with vertical phones? Are all photos taken with the Classic going to be square?

    Appreciate everyone's feedback, let's hope we get lots of iOS users to back to BlackBerry!
    12-17-14 04:47 PM
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    Thank you for this post!

    Im waiting for UPS to deliver my phone, and ive been on iOS for 5 years now and will go to BB !

    Cant wait to get my hands on that beutiful keyboard
    12-18-14 03:14 AM

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