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    I have the Blackberry Classic, SQC 100-4, It is supposed to have 16GB of internal storage. When i look at storage from the Device monitor i see the following:

    Used: 8.87 GB
    Free: 4.31 GB

    Total 13.18GB ------ implies over 2 GB missing.
    attachment 1.jpg

    When i dig further i see the following:

    System: 4.37 GB ---- i assume this includes the Blackberry 10 OS.
    Apps: 4.19 GB
    User Files: 324 MB
    Free: 4.31 GB

    Total about: 13GB.

    Still 2 GB unaccounted for.
    Attachment # 2.jpg

    What am i missing. Can someone educate?
    Attached Thumbnails internal storage: Please help the maths isn't right-1.png   internal storage: Please help the maths isn't right-2.png  
    07-24-15 10:53 PM
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    Have a look at a similar thread

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    07-24-15 11:12 PM

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