04-22-15 03:38 PM
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    Never had a problem with ATT even when employees turn over every 6 months in my area. Just like any sales position you have to know the product. If you don't know it you tend to stay away from selling it. BlackBerry is one of the harder phones to use. Therefore making it harder to sell.

    I have been with ATT for 8 years. Always tempted to switch carriers. Whenever rates go down I just call them up and get the phone adjusted. From iPhone to 9900 was the best switch I ever made.

    In December I bought the Classic from Amazon. I do not regret not waiting. I will never again wait for a carrier. Those that buy at launch have such a bigger advantage over those that wait.


    1) Ground level awareness about the phone and software;
    2) Cognizance of shared information. Such as the do's and don'ts, apps, how to's......;
    3) Up grades on OS and finds and fixes. There is no way a person getting a Classic 'right now' can catch up and understand what is going on in the BB10 Forum unless they have already been there or spends hours catching up.

    Of course this is amplified when moving from another platform or OS7.

    But I'm just an old **** so it takes me longer.

    This BB10.3.2.500 is the bomb. Anyone not on it is missing the boat.

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    Holy crap Mr.4aces loading BETA software ? Never thought I'd see the day!!
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    04-20-15 04:37 PM
  2. Lithtech's Avatar
    They need to be fired, very unprofessional.
    04-20-15 05:02 PM
  3. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Stay far away from the "authorized premium retailers." The only thing premium about them is their pricing. The Wireless Zone authorized premium retailer store near me has every device about $25-50 higher than vzw.com or in a corporate store. They aren't verizon and typically don't have a live working device for all their smartphone and device choices. They don't even have a working Galaxy S6. 2 in stock, dummy demo model on the floor. I don't understand why anyone would even shop there.
    04-20-15 05:32 PM
  4. Mr4aces's Avatar
    Holy crap Mr.4aces loading BETA software ? Never thought I'd see the day!!
    Just following the path of JC you have to admit 10.1 was crap.
    BB10OS is getting there is that good.

    Seems like a lot of work so I can have the latest and greatest. I will take me weeks to catch up on the info.
    ...... and yes I'm liking the BB10.3.2.500.
    RIP 9900 just did a security wipe on it and packed it away in its original box.
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    04-20-15 07:48 PM
  5. johnnydoesai's Avatar
    I am surprised at how hard it is to get a BlackBerry Classic on contract even in the States...I think I know why BlackBerry is declining

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    04-20-15 08:50 PM
  6. bbuser_5150's Avatar
    I had a similar experience at a Walmart as well. I asked to see a Passport, shortly after it came out, and the guy looked at me like I was restarted. He actually told me not to waste my money and that iPhone or android, "is where it's at" I think were his exact words. I went to another store and bought one. *****.
    04-20-15 09:01 PM
  7. dbollman423's Avatar
    I really don't care what other people think. I just signed up for a Z30 for myself, IPhone 5s for my wife, BlackBerry Classic for my daughter and Droid Maxx for my son.

    I bought my daughter a Classic because she has destroyed any I products she has owned in short time. My old 9930 has lasted. She can call it crap but I don't care. It still works.

    This phone is infinitely better than the 9930. I am not going to buy her another I product. They are built to break.

    The Z30 sounds like it will really work for me. Better speakers for conference calls, snappier processor for pulling out the calendar for scheduling in front of a judge and bigger/better screen for my eyes.

    Sorry to rant, sent from my beloved Z10.

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    04-20-15 09:22 PM
  8. UScrackaddict's Avatar
    I live in the Silicon Valley and I think I am as much of a unicorn with a bberry out here as a white classic sighting (yes been waiting on that for a while now) Bberry's are very very rare commodities out here in the heart of iPhone land...but I will say this - they have the classics on full display right downtown Palo Alto at the AT&T store! So can't speak for Verizon but the reps at AT&T can discuss it and actually say it's kinda cool to use for what it's worth - -
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    04-20-15 09:46 PM
  9. 93Aero's Avatar
    Op just reading your post just makes me boil because of how unprofessional these reps are. I would have confronted him back and tell him, are you here to make money or laugh at your customer. The classic might not fit your needs but it has plenty of functionality that is right for me.
    The last time I confronted a Tmobile salesperson who said "BlackBerries are obsolete" he got all huffy and walked off when I asked what makes him say this when BlackBerry are still making phones. This was when Tmo were having the Trade In a BlackBerry and get $200 towards any other phone, and I was trading in one of my 8310's for a second Q10.

    As he processed the trade in I went on about all the things BB were doing and the new phones that were coming out, he got so agitated his face started to twitch till he said "since you know more about BB than I do I'll get someone to better help you" then he walks in the back out of view and leaves me standing there.

    I wrote the manager and district manager as well as the corporate office, never heard a word back from any of them.
    Fast forward to about a year later I go to the same store to have my sim switched over from my Q10 to my Passport and Angel is still working there. I looked him dead in the eye but there was no clue that he remembered who I was, but he wasn't hard to remember with his ponytail and neck tattoos.
    04-20-15 09:54 PM
  10. phuoc's Avatar
    Was at the local Best Buy yesterday for kicks and giggles , no BB's at all. Mostly Samsung with a couple of iphones and an HTC.
    04-20-15 11:33 PM
  11. Mr4aces's Avatar


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    04-21-15 01:55 AM
  12. Mr4aces's Avatar
    Best Buy is one of the retailers that got struck with the bad Q10 and returns.

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    04-21-15 01:57 AM
  13. FobiddenRiceman's Avatar
    Don't worry his un-professional behavior will catch up to him soon enough. A salesman won't get very far insulting his customers, by means of mocking their tastes and sensibilities.

    It's like the story of the salesman who laughs at and mocks a guy dressed in sweat pants and a wife beater, who wants to take a GTR for a test drive while they get him a quote on 10 work vans. Un-surprisingly the guy in sweats and tank top is disappointed by his treatment and leaves.

    An hour latter, to the horror of the salesman, the same man he had turned away, pulls up in a Ferrari, wearing a $6,000 suit and asks to speak to the general manager. The "guy", happened to be a construction magnet worth just over a cool billion. He tells the GM of the degrading way in which he was treated by one of the salesman. It was good luck on the dealers part that this "guy" had a good sense of humor, because otherwise he would've taken his business else where. The GM upon hearing that this salesman had nearly lost a deal worth 1/2 mill or more, didn't hesitate in canning the salesman's @*# right then and there.

    A professional to begin with, knows to flatter a customer and appeal to their sensibilities , not insult them.

    "Correct me grammar fascists! I'm ready!"
    04-21-15 02:43 AM
  14. BBgeeqed04's Avatar
    Pull a "Pretty Woman" on the putz. Walk in with multiple phones, even if you're single, asking "Do you work on commission? I was looking for a family plan and needed 6 phones. BIG mistake!" That should take the giggle out him.

    The Classic
    04-21-15 04:01 AM
  15. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    One of the reasons why I keep shopping online more and more. Retailers keep complaining about losing customers due to online shops, yet they actually help people migrate to their competition. Neither Amazon nor Alternate ask me any stupid questions, trying to talk me into different choices or even make dump sidenotes when wanting to buy a specific piece of hardware.

    I'd actually write to Verizon about your experience and state they just lost a customer. Back in the day when I switched carriers, the guy from my last carrier, T-Mobile, tried to talk me into a deal to keep me on their network. I wasn't rude and said what the new carrier offered and what I expected to get when I would stay with them. He couldn't offer me the same, said the phone I wanted to have sucks anyways and he offers me way better stuff. I refused, he really indeed called me an ******* and said have fun with that ******* o2 and slammed the phone.
    Reported that to T-Mobile and told them at the same time, they just lost a customer for lifetime and so far I also never even looked at what contracts and conditions T-Mobile is offering today.

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    04-21-15 04:21 AM
  16. ewalsingham's Avatar
    I got a good chuckle from the vzw rep when I told him I knew exactly what I wanted. He turned out to be the former BlackBerry rep for my area though.

    04-21-15 06:23 AM
  17. rodney0905's Avatar
    Stay far away from the "authorized premium retailers." The only thing premium about them is their pricing. The Wireless Zone authorized premium retailer store near me has every device about $25-50 higher than vzw.com or in a corporate store. They aren't verizon and typically don't have a live working device for all their smartphone and device choices. They don't even have a working Galaxy S6. 2 in stock, dummy demo model on the floor. I don't understand why anyone would even shop there.
    This +10. I've bought from there when I was younger and they have separate contracts. Not saying all of them do because obviously there are different premium retailers but I bought from Wireless Exchange in Ohio and when I cancelled my Verizon contract. They charged me $175 because their contract said that I couldn't switch phones, cancel my contract, or anything like that for six months.

    Doesn't Amazon do something similar to this?
    04-21-15 07:45 AM
  18. stephen_victor's Avatar
    Update: Verizon and Procom have yet to respond to my messages which outlined the same story I shared here. No one seems to care I was disrespected.
    04-21-15 09:25 AM
  19. MGO's Avatar
    I am on my third Classic as my first two had defective keyboards. Both were returned within the first week of use. Third one is months old and has been perfect. I have business accounts with ATT and Verizon. Verizon for the members of my company (great coverage but limited handset availability) and ATT for the three partners as we all travel and like very specific devices (e.g., Passport). I will only deal with the ATT corporate stores as they asked no questions and immediately replaced the units. My experience with Verizon corporate is not as good. Problems with Z30 and Q10 are only slowly taken care of and the last Q10 I brought in (have five of them for four employees) with the double typing issue I had to argue with them and when I asked for a Classic they told me they were not sure they (the store) would carry it. This is in midtown NYC. I think I will be moving everyone to ATT.
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    04-21-15 09:39 AM
  20. JL009's Avatar
    Did you laugh back at them when they offered you their choice of phones ?
    04-21-15 11:15 AM
  21. stephen_victor's Avatar
    Update: called Procom's main hotline. Got a guy named Ryan on the phone to communicate my ignored email complaint and then explained again what happened that Sunday afternoon. He did apologize and said he would investigate. We'll see what happens.
    04-21-15 11:26 AM
  22. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    I was playing with the classic on display at a verizon store (they had the q10, z30, and classic all on display!) Anyway, I somehow set off the alarm and an employee came over and said "don't worry, out of all the phones here, i know you wouldn't try to steal the blackberry." He was stunned when i pulled my z10 out of my pocket and said i already had a blackberry.
    Perhaps they meant that people interested in a BB are professionals that wouldn't need to steal and not some low-life pilfering thugs like those Android users.

    Of course, my plan if anyone ever tries to mug me for my phone is to run while yelling "It's ONLY a BlackBerry!"
    04-21-15 03:05 PM
  23. ozdezignr's Avatar
    Best decision! Walk in, get bad service, walk out and buy somewhere else. News Flash!!! For retailers...someone else sells the same stuff!
    04-21-15 03:42 PM
  24. thejfadams's Avatar
    I got the same treatment (although a tad more sympathetic) from all the Att stores in my west Texas home of El Paso.

    The Verizon guy out here gave me a card and his guarantee he would call me when their Classics arrived at their store.

    Since I was in a bind, I bought one online before I had a chance to try it out - happy I did because it is the best phone I have yet owned.

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    04-21-15 04:30 PM
  25. lizzymoults's Avatar
    I agree, corporate store is the way to go if you plan on sticking with VZDubb. The authorized resellers/retailers are all staffed by independent contractors that are compensated with commissions only. That's likely why you had to experienced that unfortunate display of trashy rudeness. I won't name the company but I worked for one very briefly and experienced the same mentality of low level customer service by several of my co-workers. You're only worth their time if they'll make a decent buck off it. I agree with you, I don't own an iPhone but I'm wishing I waited 2 months longer till the BB classic was released. Poor battery life and I type a decent amount of emails on my Droid so I'm really missing my BB Bold days. Check out a corporate store, you'll certainly have a better experience!
    04-21-15 04:35 PM
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