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    Specifically, I am looking at a Moto 360 , will this watch work properly on my Blackberry Classic?
    12-31-15 07:16 PM
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    There is no official support for any smartwatch on the market. Anyway, there is a compatibility app for pebble watch. Search bbw for talk2watch pro or bridge by cell ninja. Talk2watch is a stand alone app for pebble but bridge is a mix of native and android apps but none of this apps is 100% compatible. There are some lacks of functionality.

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    12-31-15 07:42 PM
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    Any pebble watch!

    They are not officially supported. But with the hard work of a couple app developers. You can use them just like you would on android or I phone.

    I have been using the pebble time along side the app suite "bridge" It works flawlessly.

    In the passed I experimented with talk2watch, and it works great too!

    The one benfit I see with Bridge over talk2watch is it works better with watch apps and active watch faces

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    12-31-15 07:43 PM
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    Specifically, I am looking at a Moto 360 , will this watch work properly on my Blackberry Classic?
    I found this on a topic about the Garmin smartwatch. Thought it might be interesting for you.

    I have a Fenix 3 paired with my passport.

    I bought it as ski tracks works poorly on my BlackBerry.

    What works -

    Bluetooth - you need to pair the device with your BlackBerry BEFORE you open the android app. The android app with then find and sync with the watch.

    Activity Tracking - tracks all my Snowboard runs and my running. Tracks all steps taken. When I open the android app it syncs and I can see all my runs.

    Notifications from the notification pane in the hub. By this I mean all the notifications you get that go into the notification tab on the hub will come through. This is usually - missed calls / Skype / linkedin.

    Barometer / Altimeter / Compass

    What doesn't work -

    Garmin Connect Apps - YOU CANNOT add apps to your Fenix from within the android app. You must use windows/mac.

    Notifications - texts / emails do not come through. PERIOD. I've tried everything with zero luck.

    Weather - the watch cannot connect to your data to pull the info.

    If you want a watch to track notifications such as email and text. This isn't the watch for you! If you want a sick watch on your wrist that can do everything but remind you to pick your phone up and reply to that all important text from your booty call, then this is the watch for you.

    As an FYI I have a moto 360 also. Do not get it. Doesn't work at all.

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    01-01-16 03:01 PM

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