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    So, I got (another) used BB Classic that is compatible with T-Mobile. A Google search says that I need to have a specific BB10 app in order to turn on wifi calling. However, I don't see one in BlackBerry World and the online links don't work. How do I install this app? I'm on, btw.

    EDIT: I have set-up my E911 address already.
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    Okay, so I found this thread: https://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-l...27/index3.html

    and installed the app via Sachesi. However, when I enable Wifi calling via the T-Mobile app, it says "error" underneath.
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    Okay, so I thought I got WiFi calling to work. I can make outgoing calls and texts while connected to WiFi. However, I cannot receive any calls - the other person doesn't even hear it ring. I just continuously receive missed call notices (up to 10 or more) and it doesn't forward the caller to voicemail.

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    Same with mine wtf
    09-03-17 08:56 PM

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