1. Ischor's Avatar
    Hello everybody,

    until today I was a silent reader of this forum, but now I have a question. The touchscreen of my Classic stopped working today. This was annoying, but since you can use almost every function of the phone via the trackpad not that big a deal. My plan was to return it to Amazon next week and use it until then.
    Of course I tried some things:
    Rebooting did not fix anything. Neither did a hard reset by pressing both volume buttons.
    My next step was doing a backup of the phone and then resetting it completely. Stupid idea, very stupid. Setting up the phone again was no problem, but then the tutorial which demonstrates the touchscreen gestures starts. And I can neither finish it nor cancel it with any button. Nothing works. My last hope was Blackberry Link, but there I get the message that I have to finish the tutorial. Does anyone of you have any idea how I can get past this tutorial?

    By the way, the problem with the touchscreen is unfortunately not caused by the screen reader, a possible solution which I found here in some thread. Therefore I fear I have to return it to Amazon and hope for the best.

    Thank you for any help!

    02-18-16 08:36 AM
  2. martinjdub's Avatar
    I know from deploying virtually thousands of BlackBerry that there is no skipping the tutorial this is by design. In your case, that sucks! I'd return it to amazon asap.

    Wish I had better news
    02-18-16 08:41 PM

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