1. I Watson's Avatar
    I've had my work email set up on my Classic with a different notification tone, but I now have a new work email address and I cannot set the notification tone. (It is silent, as for all my other emails.) All the advice forums I've seen say to go to Settings, Notifications, Profile, Customize App Notifications, but I cannot find this option anywhere. Has it disappeared? That cannot be.
    03-09-17 10:11 AM
  2. cbvinh's Avatar
    Settings->Notifications->[Normal/Silent/etc.]/Customize App Notifications >/Email...
    03-09-17 05:13 PM
  3. blackshark's Avatar
    Find the contact in your contacts list and open the contact. Hit the blue edit circle. Scroll down to the bottom and open Ring Tones and Notifications
    Click on each of the Phone Calls, Emails and Texts in turn that you want to edit the custom ring tone for.
    Set sound to on (if you like) but away from the Profile Settings. Then below all this you can choose a custom ring tone, volume (which annoyingly, will chime at the level selected each time you make changes), vibrations and LED color. The scroll areas for each of these is small so have some patience for the Grade 1 programmers and UI designers at blackberry and do little flicks (or better, use the track pad) to scroll up through the choices in each one of these areas. Make sure to select your choice. It will be highlighted but not actually selected until you do.
    Back out of this screen when all done, and back out of the next screen and then hit save in the top right corner.
    Now people certain people can still annoy you when you have the ringer turned off in the drop down settings from the main screen.
    03-19-17 10:47 AM

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