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    TL;DR: Don't! Just fkn don't.

    I severely cracked my BlackBerry Classic's screen. A professional repair was quoted at about $270.*
    So I decided to try myself.

    First off, the LCD, digitizer, and glass are one unit and cost $105. Don't even think about trying to replace the glass only. You are a fool.
    Next, disassemble your phone just short of de-soldering the components. This is a violent process as most everything is held in by pressure and glue.*
    Then you need to PRY the old screen off the frame breaking it and shattering glass everywhere. Now scrape every last millimeter of the frame free of the glued down shards. This should take 4 hours. You will miss some. Now you need to gently (GENTLY) put the new screen in, apply pressure only gingerly making sure the fit is true. Cracking your new $100 screen it in the process is standard proceedure, do not be alarmed. A couple ribbons of epoxy are required to hold the screen I place. Be careful in application of the glue making sure to have some spill over onto the face of the screen.‎
    After assembling your beloved device, take note of how nothing quite fits together as good as it used to. Your home bar should be raised and catch your thumb. The keyboard should be warped. The entire right side of your screen should be raised about 1mm (this is the part where you missed some microscopic shard of gorilla glass).
    In addition to this, the screen should now randomly bugg out and click things for you.

    Congratulations, you have repaired your BlackBerry Classic's cracked screen. You have also introduced a few new features. Enjoy, and happy typing.‎
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    09-25-15 10:15 PM
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    Joshua I love your story. You had me laughing as it so descriptive of what really happens with these sorts of situations. But I also feel for you.
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    09-25-15 10:41 PM

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