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    While deciding whether to add a Classic to my collection, came across this:

    yah, a little painful to watch at moments, but I wonder if this is what most people think of BlackBerry

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    06-29-16 06:07 PM
  2. kuje75's Avatar
    Yup, that's how most people look at BlackBerry. Different people use phones for different users. And BlackBerry is the best work phones. But that's what the average people would say. And most of us here, we are not average. We know how to get the full advantage from our BlackBerry. We know how to install google play if need one. The only thing that I disagree with her is that she said that BlackBerry is not a phone for fun. I had fun with both my Passport and Classic. The apps things does have limitation but mostly apps that we don't really need. We just thought that we needs a lot of apps.

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    06-29-16 06:22 PM
  3. huwit's Avatar
    The main argument is that physical keybords are better. That's why I use a laptop not a tablet. Who knows maybe apple will invent the keyboard for cellphones. Oh wait a minute...
    06-29-16 07:02 PM

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