1. cscott44's Avatar
    I upgraded to Blackberry Classic from bb 9630. I need to deactive old Blackberry ID as I have forgotten the password and answer to the security question. I found the email I received when I setup the ID but it is on the 9630 which is now shut off so I can't use the link provided in the email to deactive the old BB account. I can't just use another email as this is a work phone and I must use the work email. Does anyone know how I can get internet access on the 9630 to deactive the old BB ID and set up a new one on the Classic?
    Sorry if this is a bit confusing. I explained as best I could. Any help suggestions much appreciated.
    11-14-15 01:53 PM
  2. raino's Avatar
    I'm guessing you have Verizon. You're going to need to temporarily switch devices on your Verizon account (i.e. activate the 9630,) add a BIS data plan on your account--at least temporarily, and fire up the 9630 to receive that email on that device.

    If you're interested in using that blackberry.net email address, you might want to check if it's accessible through this link.
    11-14-15 02:51 PM
  3. cscott44's Avatar
    Well I tried the link and entered my information. It said that it sent it to the email account I entered but I haven't received anything as of yet. I don't know if I have a blackberry,net email address. I have never set one up so I don't think so. Thanks so much for your information and assistance though.
    11-14-15 07:23 PM
  4. raino's Avatar
    If you don't have a blackberry.net email address as the BBID, there's no other place you can check the email it was sent to but the phone?
    11-15-15 09:52 AM

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