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    Hi! This is a trivial problem, but for some reason my BlackBerry Classic's browser stopped playing audio on YouTube today. If I switch over to Desktop Mode, the audio plays fine and I can adjust the volume in the player - but in the default mobile Youtube version (the adress starting m.youtube.com/something...), the sound remains muted and I cannot figure out how to adjust the volume. The volume buttons on the right side of my phone only adjust speaker/headphone volume - two days ago I could still use them for the volume of the video, now they seem to only affect the general volume of all sounds my BlackBerry plays.

    I tried looking into previous threads here and people have mentioned a sound icon "hidden" somewhere in the bottom left part of the YouTube mobile player, but I can't seem to find it - if I click anywhere near the slider, all I'm doing is rewinding the video.

    Wiping caches and cookies/history nor restarting the browser/phone helped, obviously YouTube remembers me and thinks I muted the sound on purpose. Now how to convince the mobile site to show me that control, please? Thank you!

    10-31-15 09:29 PM

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