1. Roveer's Avatar
    I just bought a "new" Classic and I want to check how many charge cycles the battery has had. Is there an App (preferably free) that will show this? I know there are a lot of "battery" apps, but before I go on a wild goose chase I figured I'd ask here first. I've done this on IOS before and I know some of the android apps do it as well. So far I downloaded an android battery app but I don't think it was reading the hardware correctly.


    10-11-15 02:00 PM
  2. pat-wallace's Avatar
    you can get into android app settings on the BlackBerry using these links, otherwise I have never seen a place it shows that information for BlackBerry

    Download Google Account Manager 4.3.3 [Released on October 10, 2015]

    Download Blackberry Google ID 2.4 [Released on October 10, 2015]
    10-11-15 10:52 PM

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