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    Let's start at the beginning... not that beginning! I jumped on the BlackBerry bandwagon over two yrs ago. I was looking for my first smartphone and was doing all the research I could on which smartphone was the best choice. Should I go with Android or iOS? Then my wife had me watch a news story on NBC about BlackBerry. I was intrigued. Well, after months of research, I chose the Z10. Awesome phone despite the weak battery. Yet it was replaceable.
    After two years with that phone, I wanted a new one. The Z10 still works great! My wife is still loving hers. So, I debated the Z30 or the Classic or switch to AT&T (on Verizon now) and get the Passport? I stuck with Verizon and chose the Classic. This where my skepticism comes in. Would I be able to adjust to a physical keyboard and would the phone make me miss my Z10?
    After three months with my Classic, it has exceeded my expectations, helped me improve my productivity at work and brought me to the understanding of why people love BlackBerry keyboards. Is this phone better than the 9900? No idea. But that perspective is slightly jaded and unrealistic. The 9900 is not the Classic. When the 9900 came out, the software was mature and limited due to the previous regime's lack of foresight of the future of smartphones. Give this software as much time as BB7 had to mature and we users of BB10 will have the knowledge-based perspective as those touting BB7 have been touting.
    I respect my choice of phone and BlackBerry keeps proving my choice was the right one. I like my Classic more than I expected and haven't had the issues some others have had with their Classic. If I did have any of those issues, I might be using my Z10 instead. Either way, I'd atill have the same respect for BlackBerry.

    The Classic
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    05-23-15 11:51 PM
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    Hopeful skepticism turned to respectful admiration-after-all.jpg

    Nice statement OP!

    Posted via my awesome Classic
    05-24-15 04:00 AM
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    Very passionate statement!

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    05-24-15 04:26 AM
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    This phone IS better than the 9900. The 9900 is a 4 yrs old phone. If the Classic can't top it, it'll be absurd

    Posted via CB10
    05-24-15 07:39 AM

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