10-24-14 07:11 PM
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  1. Qaddafi's Avatar
    Will there be one model number or many? I don't want to buy upfront and have it not work for my network.

    Posted via CB10
    10-16-14 09:25 PM
  2. atomicnewbie's Avatar
    I would have impulsively bought the Passport too if I didn't have so much time reading reviews. After I found out that it wasn't just a small number of people who disliked the bottom-heavy design, and the trackpad did not have a cursor for internet browsing, I decided even if the screen was 2 inches larger I would not have bought it. It almost made me less keen about continuing to follow BlackBerry news. If all I get for paying attention to Passport hype is immediate sold-outs and a large price, it is not a very productive use of my time as it gives me the impression that I am going to have to be unproductively stopping everything else I do or think about, and start refreshing the webpage every 5 seconds - or have to go through a disruptive start-stop relationship a few times each year to see what my ex is doing and if she's changed..
    A productive use of my time would rather be to forget about BlackBerry, invest my time and money into something that returns more value, and after the dust settles and 5 years later it makes headlines for being popular, then it would be like reuniting with an old friend from high school who changed for the better.
    It is not hard to imagine why people on the older BB devices are not interested in upgrading. Too expensive, too much thinking involved, mistakes like leaving out toolbelt on Q10 imply too much investment of time is required to continually following and doing research on the new products. It is represented as an unknown and unreliable process for an unknown outcome. I am this kind of user. Always having to learn some new UI might be fun for some, but it's time consuming for me unless it can solidly convince me it can guarantee me for the next 2-3 years of the gains in productivity and functionality it promises.
    Having a reputation for consistency is important. Even if I know companies like Samsung release devices I dislike, I can bank on the fact that they will respond very quickly to complaints and their next release (not a long wait) will do something to cater for the things that made some consumers unhappy. Not acting on the large desire for the toolbelt on the Q10 is not that bad, but waiting until now to make that change is unnerving for consumer confidence in a company. It says to me:
    "I am willing to correct that mistake and I realise the value in capitalising on a niche market, but I am slow to respond to my customers because I doubt the decisions I make and the direction I am going in... so I really can't really tell you why you should keep having faith in me, because I might feel like doing something else next week".
    TLR - Reliably good > reliably bad (I can still work around) > unreliably good and bad (BB is here at the moment)
    10-17-14 07:16 AM
  3. Mr4aces's Avatar
    I hope OP are correct on the initial inventory for the coming out of the Classic. The amount of stock for the PassPort is a flop. Thousands of units could have been sold this pass 3 weeks if inventory levels were projected correctly.

    So 9900 users have been swayed that the new Classic will be the latest and greatest, but will BB have enough units to sell?

    I say NO and within a week the Classic is back oredered over 14 days.

    Just saying, but I hope I'm wrong.
    10-24-14 07:11 PM
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