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    I wasn't going to nitpick but for all the people happy with having to press twice and saying it is not a big deal. What about making a phone call. Another pain in the a$$. Am I using this device wrong? Seems like it take 7-10 seconds long to find your contact in BB10 vs BB7. On the 99 all you do is start typing the persons name and use the track ball. Bam you there.

    I'm not asking to go backwards for simplicity. If extra clicking did something fine but I don't see people's argument that it is ok to click twice and it is no big deal.

    The point is to improve and be more efficient. There are people that are passive, like my wife she doesn't care that her "water proof" Samsung is garbage. She still doesn't add people to her contact list so she uses the key pad or looks for the number in the recent calls. I tell her time and time again when she ask me for someone's phone number to put it her contacts. So if people are happy with pressing twice or wasting 2-4 seconds on the hub or 7 seconds making a call that's fine with me. I don't care. I only care when it affects me.

    People that waited for the Q20 did so because they wanted the efficiency of the 99's work horse ability and how fast and accurately it types. If I wanted to spend 2-4x longer hunt n pecking I would have bought a gesture phone. It's all about getting things done quicker so we can move on to do the next task or spend a few more minutes enjoying that cup of coffee or savoring that glass of wine or laying back in that easy chair and shutting your eyes for 20 seconds. Few seconds here and there amounts to days or years.

    I bought the Q20 so I wouldn't have to spend 30 seconds pulling the battery because it is locked up. I took the good with the bad. How much bad do I have to take?

    Yes, this phone is overall better than the 99, but why not make it perfect and the best damn phone ever built.

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    I am also having same problem of ending calls on my Q10 since installing os 2267.

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    Yes, this phone is overall better than the 99, but why not make it perfect and the best damn phone every built.

    Agree, those BB software engineers better be making some serious magic happen in the next official OS release.
    02-10-15 07:43 AM
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    OFF TOPIC: btw the last OS 10.3.2072, Twitter and Face book apps were greatly improved. So BlackBerry is making big strides in taking care of problems. I have seen more customer friendly changes in the pass year than the prior 3 years.

    I just think BBM10 was killed from the start when RIM/ML pushed it out the door as a BlackBerry version of MMS/SMS instead of keeping it as a media sharing "all in one". Now 3 years later other platforms have caught up by copying BB7. So BBM channels are dead because there is no way to seach or feed it. After spending a great deal of time trying and researching different ways to share social media, I have concluded that BlackBerry is better off spend their time improving the OS that trying to fix BBM10.

    That being said, John Chen has done a remarkable job turning the company around. These changes were NOT because "I/we" don't mind pressing twice.

    The "stand up and be counted" is working. If "I/we" didn't how would they know?

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