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    I am a retired nurse and I have been looking for a good app to store medical histories, appointments, current medications etc. on my BB Classic. I found a very good one. Yes, you have to sit down and input lots of info. in all the various fields such as emergency contacts, blood types, names of doctors etc. (some people complained it was too detailed) but the instructions are easy to follow and I am not the swiftest with computers. Then you can link all this up to your computer and print out this info. for example when you go in to see your doctor or you are hospitalized and they need your detailed history. It was free on Amazon. Also, you can buy the big upgrade and get a pocket card to carry that has a QR code for medical professionals to access and lots of other nifty features, but I have not purchased that yet (likely will as hubby and I are in our mid 60's and the road for health is downhill now LOL). The app is called Track My Medical History and has a picture of a nurse with a red cross on a nurse's cap. The website is Track My Medical Records | Personal Health Records, Free on Website, Android, or iPhone I give this app five stars.
    04-08-15 10:40 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Thanks for the information on this!
    04-08-15 03:09 PM
  3. kitmo's Avatar
    You're welcome Jaydee. It is the best I have seen thus far.
    04-08-15 05:56 PM

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