03-26-15 06:07 PM
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    Please explain on what pad mouse could do what? Like mouse on screen roll pad as mouse on screen become highlight and then press to select?

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    You can pretty much use the trackpad for everything. It's particularly useful for copying and pasting or if you're in an email or text message and need to select text, the trackpad makes it precision perfect. I often had a little bit of trouble on my Q10 selecting precise sentences or sections of text, but that's not an issue anymore with the Classic.

    Also, as I am getting acclimated to the Classic, I am finding the good old days of using the trackpad to scroll particularly useful. I don't have large hands so sometimes if I'm reading something online on the Classic, my thumb hurts/strains less because I can use the trackpad to scroll up/down, etc instead of using the touchscreen. The Classic is obviously a bit bigger than the Q10. Even on the Q10 there were times when my hand hurt because I was scrolling with my thumb. Yes, there are the T and B and spacebar keys to help with that, but I often lost my place when using the spacebar.

    Just little nuances like that
    03-26-15 09:34 AM
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    What a handsome device I'm loving it so far. Initial impressions are great. No major concerns at the moment. It DID randomly reboot on me last night but that's mostly my fault. I got over-eager and excited and probably overloaded the CPU with all of the installs and updates going at once and playing around with settings and just overall over-doing it. At one point, I had like, 5 app installs and about 15 updates going at one time. Oops! (Insert the famous Montgomery Scott line to Captain Kirk here. Scotty would not have been happy with me. Haha.) I also had some trouble with Spotify from the Amazon App Store not always opening, but I knew about that Android apps issue. Things obviously got better after that forced restart. I took it slower after the start up and also did one more maintenance restart after all of the apps were updated. I noticed that Spotify seemed to work better also. There IS a lag with Android apps from the Amazon store but again, I knew that going in. The only app I wanted from the Amazon store was Spotify anyways.

    You know what's funny? I totally got used to the Q10 and the gestures and forgot that there was a trackpad and toolbelt on the Classic. Lol. I was literally looking for the phone screen on the Classic until I realized that it wasn't there anymore because of the physical button on the toolbelt. There were times when I was browsing the web and accidentally brushed the trackpad and freaked when I saw the arrow show up. "What is this little nubby thing? Oh right. The trackpad!"

    I didn't think that extra little screen space (3.1 to 3.5) would make a difference but boy was I wrong. Night and day from Q10 to Classic and obviously a little larger screen is much appreciated for viewing websites. I even think that the screen looks sharper on the Classic than on the Q10 despite the better pixels on the Q10. I love that the Classic comes with different notification colors already installed as opposed to having to download BeBuzz to get those color choices in the past.

    I could go on and on, but those are my basic first impressions about the Classic. I am totally digging this device
    Welcome!!! The screen deserves a special mention, it's absolutely brilliant and damn sharp as well as bright. Definitely a great phone from blackberry!!! I've both ip6 and classic and was wondering how beautiful this screen is? I think some calibration have been done to enhance the richness of the screen by Foxconn or something like that.

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    03-26-15 10:19 AM
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    With track pad could do almost anything like old days. I would like that. Scrolling as well. Cool. High Five.

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    03-26-15 02:28 PM
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    03-26-15 06:04 PM
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    Have the passport but also drooling about Classic form factor! Lol

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    03-26-15 06:07 PM
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