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    I have downloaded the necessary files to run Google Play on my Classic I have several android apps that work just fine, but it seems like any that require bluetooth won't work. The 2 I have issues with are the Casio Watch+ app, and I just discovered that the Coin app works, but won't connect to sync. I have no issues running the apps, but both require bluetooth to connect to devices. In the Casio app it needs to connect to my watch, bluetooth can see it, but won't connect properly, and the Coin app needs to connect to a credit card-like device that stores multiple credit cards. link here: https://onlycoin.com. Again, it sees the card but it will not connect properly so I can sync my credit card data. Would anyone know if there is a fix for this or an app I need to download? Both are listed in my bluetooth, but just won't work.

    12-26-15 01:52 PM

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