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    Figured I'd kill two birds with one post. Last week, upon receiving notification, I updated my Google Maps app via BBWorld. Now it doesn't work. Just a black screen. Is anyone else having this issue? This is on my BB Classic, version on the Rogers network.

    My other one, that's just annoying the crap out of me is the 'delete prior' function in Hub. It only works for emails. For example, I went back to April, selected delete prior, and the warning box asks if I want to delete the 87 messages. I click continue and it appears nothing happens. Sure enough, I highlight the same date, select delete prior and it asks about the 87 messages again. What am I doing wrong?? A few other Q's for anyone who's smarter than me:

    - Has anyone figured out how to get Shazam working?
    - Has anyone figured out how to get their Honda vehicle to read text messages?
    - Has anyone figured out why SMS/MMS functions freeze for 2 - 5 minutes immediately after connecting the phone to a bluetooth source?

    - EDIT - Just now I went to put a new reminder in my Remember app, and it won't let me select new task via touch screen. I have to scroll all the way to the bottom of my task list until new task is highlighted and then select it via clicking the trackpad. Anyone else having this issue?

    Now I'm wondering if my phone is broken...can someone help me determine if that's the case? Many thanks. I'm coming up on my 1-year warranty soon.

    - Does anyone else find it extremely odd and irritating that the original software for Classic worked with Shazam, Google maps and Honda integrated texting, amongst other things? These fixes and updates seem to improve one thing while breaking another. The only smartphone I've ever known has been a Blackberry...I don't want to change, but these issues just keep piling up. Even if I did switch to another device, I have no clue what would be my best fit. iPhone, Samsung, Windows? Gahhhh
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    12-15-15 08:51 AM
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    The first thing is if you did an upgrade to your software under 10.3.2, you need to uninstall the android apps and re-install them. The updated runtime is usually the issue.
    12-15-15 09:21 AM
  3. Andrew Illsley's Avatar
    Are you saying that would affect the Maps and Remember apps as well as Hub? Those are all included in the Classic software, none are Android apps. I can see how your point would help me fix Shazam, but not the other three apps...am I missing something?
    12-15-15 11:51 AM
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    Did you update the phone? I had similar behavior with notifications and text messages after updating. Turning the phone off(not just rebooting) and on again fixed it for me. I

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    12-15-15 11:14 PM

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