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    It is time to part ways with the Classic. I got the Classic the first day it came out with anticipation this would be my last device for a long time. I pictured it being my perfect device, my dream Blackberry. A longtime Blackberry lover, my favorite Blackberry I had was the Bold 9700. I really thought this phone would be a perfect, somewhat modern Bold.

    I am a full time realtor and use my phone heavily for work. After my Bold 9700 I went to Iphone 5, although i liked the simplicity of the iphone, how smooth it was, and the camera I hated the battery life and how fragile it was, I actually cracked the screen the first week I had it. And I still missed the functionality of my Bold, so when the q10 came out I got it right away. The q10 had better battery life but I was really missing the trackpad and the phone started to slow down over time as all my old Blackberries did. Alot of freezing, and rebooting, having to take out the battery little issues. Then I moved onto the Note 4 which is an absolutely great device. Screen was amazing, camera, battery and charging time amazing, and fluidity of entire phone was amazing coming from the q10. The processor handled any task I threw at it with super fluidity. Even though i didnt mind the size I do alot of one handed typing especially when driving and found it very cumbersome to hold at times, as well as pulling out of pocket and getting on right away. Once the Classic was announced I had to have it!!! I pictured a modern super smooth and fluid BB with amazon apps for the little biz apps that I use, great battery, good screen functional camera and a keyboard and trackpad! Although I have lasted this long I have to part ways as this phone hinders me from getting things done right away.

    Out of the box this phone was smooth but as the storage is filled up it freezes unlike any modern iphone or galaxy etc. Ive had freezes over minutes, where I could not even pull out battery and restart. I felt like i was stuck in the old BB days. The few apps that I use day to day did not suffice. One app that makes my life easier GeniusScan where i can scan docs and email right away would literally take 10-15 minutes sometimes as i had to wait for the phone to process it, really crazy. On a android or iphone device i could scan something and have it sent within a minute. Igrann can not even be used compared to a regular instagram app as it would freeze no matter what. Battery life got worse over time and the phone froze especially as i got in the under 15% range.

    Having the Note 4, i was thinking about going back to it because it was truly a great phone but I remembered the size so I was looking at the next best thing the Galaxy s6 or edge or iphone 6. Was most likely going to go with the iphone 6 but the 6s is just around the corner. I am on T-Mobile and saw the One M8 Refurbished for $349. Always saw great reviews on this phone so took a shot for the time being and just recieved today. If i dont love it will order the new iphone coming out. I am excited to try it out!
    07-06-15 11:31 AM
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    Goodbye hope you will be back!

    Z30STA100-2/ | CB Mod
    07-06-15 11:33 AM

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