03-17-15 10:09 PM
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    The simple fact is that BlackBerry lost many of their advantages as the go-to corporate communication device. Add to that the fact BlackBerry became "uncool" to the point that even CEOs feared the hit to their image that would result from looking out of date. A friend of mine is pretty high up in a data services company and says clients have actually questioned his continued use of BlackBerry. "Why are you still using one of THOSE??"
    < appropriate raised eyebrows >

    People - customers - judge you on your shoes, your watch, and your tech.
    All agreed. I work in tech, specifically app development. People don't know what to think when they see the guy making decisions on their IOS and Android app using a BlackBerry.

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    03-17-15 04:12 PM
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    I'm going to apply for an Obama phone if the next Classic isn't classic...

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