01-22-19 09:04 AM
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    I have had the Key2 since August. At first I really liked it, mainly because of the speed and the apps. But lately I am getting sick of it. The size is something I never liked. Also, when I need to text or send an email fast its always a problem. The phone is just not intuitive. Tonight I pulled my old Classic out of the drawer after not touching it for 5 months and wow, it just feels go great and solid in the hand. It's being charged up right now and tomorrow I plan to pop the sim card in. If it works out ok tomorrow I will list the Key2 on eBay.
    Am I the only considering going back to the Classic from the Key2?
    Disclaimer: I do have an iPhone from from job that I use for for critical apps like banking etc.
    It was something of a wrench to ditch my passport, and if someone was to make a full android version then I would be back like a shot. For me the design was perfect. It oozed timeless class. It is/was the Patek Philippe of phones.
    However, (and it may just be the novelty of having a phone that works again) I'm really enjoying my Key2
    12-23-18 12:39 AM
  2. the_boon's Avatar
    I think you're referring to the_boon in this thread, conite is ok, at least in my brief interactions, however some posters feel that ridiculing a user makes a useful point. Another knowledgeable poster in regard to BB10 devices is TrumpetTiger. The thing the_boon needs to understand is that the BB marketplace is now well developed, this means that people that purchase a used Priv for $150 fill-in a gap i.e., the buyer of the Priv feels he got a good deal, the seller gets funds that he/she may purchase a new BB Key2 for $150 less, so the seller feels he got a good deal too – this is called the market place. However when guys/gals like the_boon go after the lower end of the market (pushing the Key2/Key2 LE and ridiculing others opinions or their views on BB10 devices) they are in fact undermining BB's potential market. As zer0ten says if the Classic does the job for a particular user that's great, that likely means the buyer of the Classic probably injected $100 into the BB market-place, and those funds will probably be used to fund the purchase of a new BB device e.g., a Key2/LE. Most users like myself prefer to stick with a brand they know and like but if you get a bad taste because of a bad experience, you might be looking around for something different.

    Just for the record I played with a Key2 LE at Staples and found the keyboard typing experience nice and Android 8.0 pretty slick. Would I buy one, definitely when my Classic is no longer usable.
    Buying 100 used Blackberrys won't make a single dollar for TCL.

    Buying a KEY2 / LE helps ensure we get more PKB devices down the road.

    That's why I'm pushing hard for people to go for the KEY devices, because they're the only things standing between us and being forced to type on glass.
    12-25-18 10:26 PM
  3. BadgerBoy77's Avatar
    I fired up the classic and am selling the Key2. Been using the Classic the last few days and it just feels so much better in my hand. Such a great piece of engineering. All I need is the text messaging, calls, and emails. No need for apps so I'm happy for now.
    I'll buy your key2! Unlocked??
    12-25-18 10:31 PM
  4. stagediva432's Avatar
    i just wiped my classic and ready to recycle it. what a great phone. best phone i ever had
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    01-22-19 09:04 AM
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