05-25-15 12:19 PM
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  1. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    Anyone forgoing a case? With every phone I get I buy 5+ cases and get fed up with each one. I end up having a pile of wasted money. So this time when Verizon tried to guilt me into using a case I turned them down. So far so good. The back of the classic has plenty of grip. And it seems sturdy enough to handle day to day use.

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-15 06:52 PM
  2. Zeridialous's Avatar
    I've been using my BlackBerry Classic without a case since the day I purchased it, use it quite frequently every day and it still looks as if it's brand new. I do occasionally use the BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster or Leather Pocket depending on the day and what I'm doing however.

    The Classic is the first phone I've owned in years that I have felt comfortable enough using without a case, and I'm quite happy about that. When I had the Samsung Galaxy S4 I felt it was necessary to have a case and screen protector installed because I felt as if it was going to wind up flying out of my hands if I didn't -- the Classic has enough weight evenly distributed in it and a decent grip on the back like you mentioned that I feel comfortable using it without a case. Besides, the design is too nice to cover up with a bulky case.
    05-17-15 07:00 PM
  3. FrankUnderwood's Avatar
    I use the OEM thin cover at times. Naked is good but I look for a case that doesn't add to the thickness of the phone too much and still provides a bit of protection as well.

    Best of both worlds with the OEM.


    Posted via CB10 on the President Underwood version of the BlackBerry Classic
    05-17-15 07:12 PM
  4. jeanholton1's Avatar
    I don't have the Classic yet but my Q10 and all of my previous Curve devices were naked for the most part. It all depends on the case, I think. And obviously people have different preferences. If I use a case, I always use a soft one. My Q10 has a case on it now but only because I finally found one that looked cool plus I liked the way it felt in my hand while talking on the phone, etc. How it feels in my hand is important since I spend so much time on it. Not sure what I will do with the Classic when I get it next month. I guess I will see how it feels to hold it and what kind of cases are out there. I always get my cases from Amazon because Verizon tends to charge too much for them.

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-15 07:43 PM
  5. GraCal's Avatar
    In 15 years, no cases for my BlackBerry devices; I've never liked the added bulk and I wasn't able to use the OEM contact charging cradles. I do only use Seidio holsters. Crackberry has had a couple sales on these so I bought 3 of them. They usually last 3-5 months before something happens to it, so now I have brand new backups ready to go.

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-15 08:48 PM
  6. bbuser_5150's Avatar
    I never use a case with my blackberry except for a screen protector. I can take a few scratches on the housing but there's nothing worse than a scratched up screen.
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    05-17-15 10:16 PM
  7. SK122387's Avatar
    I ordered the oem soft shell case but it won't be here til next week.

    I got my Classic on Friday and wanted a case; I'm on T-Mobile but Verizon had better cases, so I got the Incipio Dual Shine Pro.

    It looks really good and I was kind of planning on using it just til my soft shell case gets here and then returning it, but I really like it and will most likely keep it. It's like gunmetal gray and doesn't add much bulk.

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-15 10:55 PM
  8. coffeeaddict305's Avatar
    Anyone forgoing a case? With every phone I get I buy 5+ cases and get fed up with each one. I end up having a pile of wasted money. So this time when Verizon tried to guilt me into using a case I turned them down. So far so good. The back of the classic has plenty of grip. And it seems sturdy enough to handle day to day use.

    Posted via CB10
    I bought one the Seidio hard case, which I used also for Q10 but it makes Classic feel bulkier and heavier so yes, I agree going au natural, because the back feels nicer and easy to grip the phone.

    Posted via  the smooth BlackBerry Classic 
    05-18-15 03:57 AM
  9. brushaway's Avatar
    Never use a case, its not how the phone is designed to be held. Love the classic without a case

    Posted via CB10
    05-18-15 03:58 AM
  10. shorski's Avatar
    I always prefer my BlackBerry naked. Cases are heavy and sometimes irritating.

    Keep Calm and Berry On..........
    05-18-15 04:08 AM
  11. Brian Weston's Avatar
    I recent took off the case and screen protector. The risk is freeing

    Posted via CB10
    05-18-15 04:46 AM
  12. eji930's Avatar
    Just have $400 dollars set aside in the event you need to get a new device - I dropped mines might buy another one lol I hate scratches -I love the holster from Blackberry works great

    Sent from my: SM-N910T/SQC100-4 T-Mobile 4G LTE
    05-18-15 06:56 AM
  13. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    I subscribe to my carrier insurance. So it's $99 to get a replacement

    Posted via CB10
    05-18-15 09:15 AM
  14. 308hunter's Avatar
    Not just no, but he'll no! I paid full price for my classic so I could use it on a prepaid service. Money doesn't grow on trees buddy. Lol

    Sent from my Classic using Tapatalk
    05-18-15 10:32 AM
  15. hplovecraft's Avatar
    Never have a case on my Classic. I love to just get the phone out of my pocket....no case removal no nothing.

    Posted via CB10
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    05-18-15 12:07 PM
  16. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    The phone isn't massive but it is large. Thicker and heavier than my previous phone. So no caase is good

    Posted via CB10
    05-18-15 02:36 PM
  17. brushaway's Avatar
    Tiniest phone ive used in quite some time, haha

    Posted via CB10
    05-18-15 03:16 PM
  18. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    I've had pretty much every mid to high range phone my carrier has to offer. The Kyocera brigadier was by far the biggest in terms of weight and thickness. The classic isn't huge by any means. But definitely heavier than so the galaxy s6

    Posted via CB10
    05-18-15 03:54 PM
  19. BBUniq01's Avatar
    I only use a case when I walk the dog and am at the trail. He can get excited and don't want to drop my phone in trying to control him sometimes. Other wise, naked. I own gazillion cases too but most of my BlackBerry phones, from the 8320 have been naked.

    Posted via CB10
    05-18-15 07:26 PM
  20. Johberry's Avatar
    I've been using mine naked from the day I got it. I do own both the OEM leather pocket and swivel holster and haven't used them as much as I thought I would. Since I don't have a glass screen protector yet, I try to keep my phone in the leather pocket when it's in my purse and use the holster when I walk the dog.

    Posted via CB10
    05-19-15 02:59 AM
  21. johnny_bravo72's Avatar
    My 9900's always naked. No worries 'coz if it breaks, my office replaces it.. for free!

    Posted from an ME173X
    05-19-15 03:51 AM
  22. Mausje75's Avatar
    I carry my Classic in a holster, that is the only protection it has...

    Posted via my awesome Classic
    05-19-15 11:20 AM
  23. Lillieperl's Avatar
    I had a great little red leather case for my Bold that opened like a book and turned off the screen when you closed the cover. I got a similar cover for my Classic, without the magnetic feature. I don't like it as well. I've just always been paranoid about breaking the screen. When I had my Pearl, I always used the leather holster. My Style was a flip phone-- I wish those would come back.

    But this thread has inspired me! I've just taken the Classic out of its leather romper cover, and I'm going to let it run around naked in the sunshine and get sand between its toes! Wheee! (Feels reckless and naughty...)
    05-20-15 07:44 AM
  24. madman0141's Avatar
    I ran my Classic about a week but got the Seidio case. The new Blackberry cases fall short of expectations in my opion. They may be fine for most but the Seidio is real nice. Going without a case seems ok since the Blackberry is well built compared to the other manufactures phones.
    05-20-15 09:55 AM
  25. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    Tried an incipio dual pro and an otterbox defender. Hated both. now I'm paranoid that installing and removing the cases hurt the phone

    Posted via CB10
    05-20-15 03:46 PM
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